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About Freddy and Eddy

Welcome to Freddy and Eddy! It's hard to believe, but we began this site in 2001 and are STILL here! As when we started, creating and maintaining this site continues to help OUR sex lives. It's a vehicle that continues to enable us to watch and review hot sexy DVD's, buy and try cool sex toys, talk about sex comfortably with our friends, improve our writing skills, and visit the most awesome collection of sexy websites the internet has to offer. Most of all, it keeps us learning. About sex. About each other.

So much has happened since we posted our first review way back when. Our site has grown to almost 2000 pages, with hundreds of reviews, a How-to section, thousands of sexy pictures, and even a travel section. The most exciting aspect of our adventures has been opening an actual adult store, located just up the street from our home. Meant to capture the essence of this website, we've been welcomed into our community without the usual protestations or negative media that so often comes with such ventures. In fact, the LA Times wrote a very positive piece on our store in October 2005! Since then, we've been on Tyra Banks, Discovery Channel, CBS, and a dozen more television shows, as well as hired to write a weekly column for the LA and OC Weekly newspapers. With all this activity, we continue to raise a rambunctious kid who loves basketball and baseball (and Legos, of course!), and live a low-key lifestyle in our quiet little neck of Mar Vista, CA.

Anywhoo. We're glad you decided to visit and we hope you find something here you can use to make your sex lives better.  Right now, the only way to contribute to the costs of maintaining our site is to patronize our online store or shop at one of our affiliates. By the way, this site is intended for COUPLES, married, gay, lesbian, and otherwise. You hot single folks will probably find most of our stuff boring (go to Jane's Guide for more variety), but we welcome you nevertheless!

We provide links under a strict set of guidelines. This isn't as easy as it sounds. There are literally thousands of porn sites out there masquerading as "erotica" and we're trying to trudge through each and every one of them to find the good stuff. We start by combing the links pages of sites we like, checking them out, and then go from there. If a site specializes in barely 18 year-old schoolgirls, horny sluts, hardcore anal action photos, people pissing and shitting on each other, bukakke, bestiality, etc. we move on. If that's your cup of tea, we by all means encourage you to seek such material out on your own. However, if you and your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend are wishing to add some zest to your sex lives, want to learn what "Erotica" refers to, read some hot stories, learn about the experiences of other couples, find out about organizations catering to adult needs, link to sites that sell sexual products and rent movies, you've come to the right place.

Who are we, exactly?

We are a married couple - together since 1989 - who don't ever want to lose the wonderful intimacy and sexual attraction in our relationship. We believe sex and intimacy are integral to the happiness and longevity of all relationships and that these components should be BETTER the longer we're together. In other words, we wish to defy the stereotype that marriage shouldn't be the sexiest and most fun time of our lives. Freddy - Ian - is the husband, Eddy - Alicia - is the wife (we're now comfortable using our real names, incidentally). For the record, at one time we would've scoffed at visiting an adult store or cruising the web looking for sex toys. This site was created to address issues we OURSELVES had (and continue to encounter as we navigate the wonderful waters of marriage). We realize sex is a beautiful and natural occurrence, vital to fulfilling our roles as husband and wife. We need not be ashamed of our sexuality in any way, shape, or form and neither should you. Finally, we live in a house with a white picket fence and love to take our 10 year old son to the beach every chance we get. Probably just like most of you.

Freddy and Eddy
aka Ian and Alicia Denchasy
3753 Ashwood Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Store Hours: Please note our retail store on Venice Blvd. has closed.

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