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Our Favorite Reads

1. Urban Tantra
2. For Each Other

3. Third Base Ain't What it Used to Be
4. The MultiOrgasmic Couple
5. Getting Off
6. Sweet Life and Sweet Life 2
7. Toygasms
8. The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn
9. Oral Sex
10. Tickle His Pickle

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Universal Sexual Truths - Urban Tantra
Two things we love: sex and Tantra. Same thing, you might be thinking? Absolutely not. In fact, until you read this work from the soul of Barbara Carrellas, you may not have experienced either.
To learn more, click here.
Words of Orgasm - Afternoon Delight
alison tyler afternoon delight Whether you're looking for some new ideas to add to your sexual arsenal, rev up your evening, or learn a few tricks, this collection of erotic stories will inspire your intimate creativity - HOT.
To read our review, click here.
Book: Hopping On to Getting Off
getting off Can one find true sexual bliss without intimate knowledge of one's self? Let Jamye Waxman unlock the secrets of your erotic treasure chest and take your love making to new and adventurous frontiers.
To read our review, click here.
Book: Sexually Wired - Sexier SEX!
regina lynn Greater sexual heights through technology? Now THERE'S a title that catches our interest! Regina Lynn, one of our favorite sex-positive voices, presents a fabulous primer for women in search of orgasm.
To READ more, click here.
Book: Ride 'Em Cowgirl!
ride em cowgirl Looking for a new position to add a twist to your bedroom antics? Dr. Sadie Allison's latest page turner may be just the right medicine to cure your bedroom boredom and inspire your lovemaking creativity.
To read our review, click here.
Book: Happy Birthday Book of Erotica
Who ever said birthdays were about cake and ice cream will certainly find the frosting a bit creamier in this delectable collection of erotic stories. Go ahead, blow out the candles, and get ready to sing...
To learn more, click here.
Book: Elliott's Girlfriend Beats Him Up...
A trip through the memoirs of Stephen Elliott as he attempts to reconcile his BDSM yearnings with the modern dating scene. Will he find the woman to dominate his life and make a decent up of coffee?
To learn more, click here.
Book: Audacia's Naked on the Internet
When a stale relationship goes bad, what's an alt-hip NY gal to do? Simple, strip away the inhibitions, grab the mouse, and head into the filth of cyberspace. That our heroine lives to tell the tale is compelling.
To read our review, click here.
Porn for Her? A SMART Girl's Guide!
Blue is gold yet again! Our fave sex edumacator is back with a book every sex goddess should count among her sensual resources. This book will have that DVD player fired up with sexy vids in no time!
To learn it all, click here.
Book: Lips Like Sugar - Fantasies for HER
Violet Blue is known for erotica anthologies depicting joyful, unabashed sex.The stories in this volume, written by both veteran and new voices, feature women on top, bottom, and everyplace in between.
To read our review, click here.
Lust Connection - Oral Sex
Awaken your dormant passions! Dr.'s Jordan Paul and Brenda  Freshman invite you to examine your mind-heart connection to deepen your commitment and fulfill your sexual potentials.
To learn it all, click here.
Tantric Orgasm for Women
Who knew we'd be lucky enough to hire a real-life Tantra teacher to help out in our LA store? Deva Charu is now leading us to a deeper sexual connection and recommends this book to begin our journey.
To know more, click here.
Tickle His Pickle - Fellatio Fantastique
If there's one thing most men would love their ladies to improve, it's the fine art of the blow job. This fun little book by Sadie Allison may be just the cure for those in need of a little 'head start'.
To learn it all, click here.
Seduce HIM? This Book Says "YES!!!"
Whether in the bedroom, or out of bed, this book purports to teach you all the tricks for keeping your man sexually satisfied and begging for more. From oral techniques to dirty talk, this book has it all.
For our review, click here.
Holiday Heat - Merry XXXmas Erotica!
Naughty or nice? Either way, Santa has a treat for eager readers who just can't wait till Christmas morning! A feast of sugar plums, big candy canes, and stockings eager to be filled...
For more info click here.
Sex Over 50? This Book Says So!
Responding to many requests for information on the sexy side of life over 50, we proudly welcome our newest reviewer - SHMD - an individual 78 years young and not quite ready to let things go limp...
For his first review, click here.
Ne-SEX-ity - Toygasms!
Quite simply the best book we've ever encountered on talking about, selecting, and using sex toys. Author Sadie Allison manages to pack everything you need to know in this 150 page gem.
For more info click here.
S-extension, The Multi Orgasmic Couple
It's well known that the ladies have the orgasmic advantage, but now men can learn to achieve multiple, intense orgasms and prolong lovemaking almost indefinitely. Just turn the page to begin your journey.
To know more, click here.
Nothing Sacred - Taboo
A doctor and his naughty nurse, a husband who wants to watch his wife with another man; travel with editor Violet Blue as she takes you to the unspoken side of sexuality, where rules are meant to be broken.
To read the review, click here.
Passionate Marriage, by Stefan May
Put this provocative book on your coffee table and let the discussions fly. An amazing collection of B&W photos capturing an awesome range of emotions in a variety of settings make this an F&E favorite!
To know more, click here.
For Each Other, by Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D.
A companion to her immensely popular Four Yourself, Dr. Lonnie Barbach builds upon the concepts of the former to include steps to improve sexuality and communication with your partner.
To read the review, click here.
For Yourself, by Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D.
The ground breaking work by Lonnie Barbach that teaches women to fulfill their sexual potentials through clear and concise actions. Learn to unlock your inner passions with this no-nonsense approach.
For more, click here.
The Ultimate Guide to Adult Videos!
Let Violet Blue, sex editor for Good Vibrations, assist you in every aspect of renting, purchasing, and enjoying sexually explicit film fare. Simple explanations for adult terms and a great list of suggestions.
To read the review, click here.
Book: Third Base Ain't What It Used to Be
As parents, who doesn't dread the sexual landscape into which our kids are venturing? This indispensable book helps guide you through the issues of navigating through the sexual waves with confidence.
To read our review, click here.
Couples, by Ellen Von Unwerth
A collection of provocative photos from one of the world's leading photographers. From the quirky to the sublime, Unwerth captures the the delectable beauty and thoughtful natures of couples.
To read the review, click here.
Couples, by Stefan May
Put this provocative book on your coffee table and let the discussions fly. An amazing collection of B&W photos capturing an awesome range of emotions in a variety of settings make this an F&E favorite!
To know more, click here.
Sweet Life, by Violet Blue
A beautiful collection of erotic stories that will inspire your creativity and make your passions boil - REALLY! This anthology is explicit and raunchy at times, tender and loving at others.
To Learn More, click here.
Sweet Life 2, by Violet Blue
The second volume in the enormously sexy Sweet Life series, this work continues the sexy adventures and delves into decidedly darker territory, where sexuality is pushed to the edge.
For more, click here.
Because YOU Can - The Goddess Orgasm!
Take a ride into sexual heaven with Author Eve Marx as she helps you unlock your "goddess" within. Practical and frank advice on fulfilling your intimate potential and achieving otherworldly heights.
To find out more, click here.
Book - Practical Striptease - It Certainly Is!
I60 pages of indispensable wisdom for any ladies who have ever wanted to strip for their partners. This little manual will have your husband reaching for his wallet and your g-string full in no time!
To read our review, click here.
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