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Freddy and Eddy Original Writings
The Excitement of Predictability
Maybe crazy is just that after all...
Finding Balance for Perfect Harmony
Sometimes, it's all about your roles...
Is Your Bedroom Becoming A Bored-Room?
Maybe you should check your bank statements...
Is Your Relationship A Mercedes Or A Honda?
You may be surprised which will make you happier.

Let Google Recharge Your Sex Life!
Things were lagging, so we turned to Google!
State of the Marital Union
Are we boring you? Our marriage thrives.

Writings We Find Interesting
Naughty By Nature
What about sex toy toxins? by Emily Gertz
How Much Is Too Much? Or Too Little?
When couples diverge, by Carmen Sutra
Power Exchange
It's not that simple, by Juliette and Miss Blondage
Sex Toys For Couples
A great primer for couples interested in trying.
Fade to Black: The ABC's of BDSM
A primer on the basics of bondage and submission.
Sexually Out of Synch, Concerns with
Levels of Desire. By Robert Birch, Ph.D.
Conflict and Resolution
Couples Living Apart Together
Is too much togetherness healthy?
Sneaking in a Quickie When the Kids are Home
Is this possible? Well, with a little effort...
What Do Men REALLY Want?
A leading psychotherapist gives the answers.
Marriage Doesn't Make You Happy
A 15 year study challenges matrimony...
Explosive Sex
Can arguments and fighting lead to passion?
Sexual Communication
It's the most vital thing. By Nitengale.
Erotic Stories
Color Blind, by AfroerotiK
This chocolate bar is too sexy to resist!
Sweet Transvestite, by Thomas Roche
Tim Curry has nothing on this, uh, gal!
Caffeine Kisses, by Thomas Roche
An author gives new meaning to your morning cup!
A Bad Taste in Her Mouth, by Scottie Lowe
Sometimes, Bartenders provides more than drinks.
Transformation, by Scottie Lowe
A white executive meets his ebony match.
The Cab Ride, by Anonymous
Fact or fantasy? A cab driver seeks answers...
Mr. C, Part 1, by Freddy and Eddy
A high school teacher who gives more than grades.
When Fate Calls, by Silk
When all the ingredients for adultery cum together.
The Artist and Her Muse, by Rain
An artistic encounter of the sexiest kind...
Peaks and Valleys, by Chance
A mountain climber makes his last erotic ascent.
Unintended Consequences, by Chance
A magical bottle leads to quite an awakening.


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Women's Orgasm Ability Genetic? Study Says So!
Only 14% experience orgasm during intercourse.
Want Bigger Breasts? Join the Military!
It's TRUE!!!
Couple Has Sex to Save the Rain Forests
On stage, during a concert!
Extramarital Sex Can Kill You!
We knew it all along...
Exercise on Par with Viagra for Some
Can the gym do better than the magical pill?
Help, I'm Missing My G-Spot
Is it possible a woman can be without one?
FDA Gives the Lowdown on Aphrodisiacs
Do they work? If so, which ones?
Male Sweat Brightens Women's Moods
Get to the gym... and then get busy!
Married Women Have the Best Sex
It's true! Reuters says so!
Hormones in Semen Make Women Feel Good
It's not just the protein, baby.
Men Want Commitment as Much as Women
Get out of here! It can't be! Can it?
Woman Bites off Husband's Genitals
Ouch! Lorena Bobbitt has nothing on this woman!