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Our Personal Favorite Dildos
1. Hustler Perfect Boyfriend Silicone Dildo
2. NobEssence Fling
3. The Njoy Metal Pleasure Wand
4. Purple Acrylic G-Wand
5. Magnum Silicone Dildo
6. Helix G-Spot Glass Pleasure Wand
7. Vibratex Silky
8. Ohh G-Spot Glass Wand
9. Rock Chick

10. Crystal Twister Glass Double-Ender

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Heavy Metal - Njoy 2.0 Pure Plug
njoy 2.0 We have to face facts: anal play is all the rage and we've been quite behind in our research of late. Luckily, one of our daring friends offered to take the Njoy challenge. Would the 2.0 fit the subject?
To read T's review, click here.
 Perfect Penetration - Perfect Boyfriend!
date nerd Looking for a friend to fill you up? Look no further than this silky masterpiece from Hustler! The Perfect Boyfriend is a supple, yet firm penetrator designed to fill your insides with deep stimulation...
Click to Learn More!
Boo-rgasm! Tantus Vamp Silicone Dildo
Enjoy a scaaary great orgasm when you invite this vamp into your house. Specially formulated to be enjoyed warm or chilled, this Tantus demon will haunt your inner spaces and conjure up the sexy spirits!
To learn more, click here.
Prostate Perfection - Aneros Helix
bwarm For his entire life, Freddy managed to avoid the one sexual practice most taboo - anal stimulation. But along came a hot Asian gal who wielded a magical device. Would Freddy succumb?
To learn more, click here.
Metal Magnifique - Tantus Alumina Motion
tantus stroker Long the leader in seductive silicone, we had our doubts when San Diego-based Tantus announced it was going to produce metal pleasure objects. Could aluminum dildos really be the new wave?
To learn more, click here.
G-Whiz Dildo - Tantus Curve
tantus stroker How does a company keep churning out the hits? In the case of Tantus, follow the "if it aint broke don't fix it" philosophy. Yet another beautiful example of form meeting lovely ejaculatory funcion.
To learn more, click here.
Wet Wonder - Purple Acrylic G-Wand
purple acrylic One evening, Freddy was awakened by some rustling under the sheets next to him. Was it the cats eeing some midnight play? Not exactly, though it was a kitty of sorts (a pussy, in fact), being naughty...
To learn more, click here.
G-Whiz - NobEssence Fling!
nob essence fling After years of practice, the g-spot orgasm is now a regular part of our routine. That fact, however, does not deter our search for the perfect tool to achieve a gusher. With the Fling, our search may be over.
To learn more, click here.
Tantus G-(spot) Force - The Right Spot
This snake offers more than an apple. Long, flexible, and made from only the finest silicone, the G-Force is great for probing BOTH of your feminine and anal regions. Just add lube...
To read our review, click here.
 Rub Me Tender - Tantus Charmer
With ridges designed to focus pleasures on your inner vaginal wall and G-spot region, the Charmer is compact, effective, and lovely to behold. It's also harness-compatible and great for anal.
To read our review, click here.
Penetrating Boundaries - Crystal Twister
When it comes to larger dildos, especially glass, Eddy is decidedly prone toward smaller models; however, a great massage had her so relaxed, she reached for this lovely item - and a new era begins.
To read our review, click here.
Metal Magnificence - NJoy Pleasure Wand
Move over glass toys, there's a new category preparing to challenge your bedroom supremacy - metal. The NJoy is perfect for g-spot, vaginal, and anal penetration PLUS it gives a helluva back massage.
To read our review, click here.
Abracadabra - The Magic Swirl Glass Dildo
A carefully hand-made work of art from a local Venice glass blower, the Magic Swirl will amaze you with it's sexual powers and dazzle you with its ability to change colors when held to different light intensities.
For more info click here.
Ultra-Versatile - G-spot Helix Glass Dildo
Our fascination with glass continues as we put this amazing piece through its paces. The Helix proved more than just a pretty face as it handily probed every inch of Eddy's lovely curves with amazing grace.
To find out more, click here.
Love at First Site - Glass Hearts Wand
One of the most beautiful erotic pieces we've ever encountered, this one demanded to be acquired at this year's AVN show in Las Vegas. One try and we were hooked. A great addition to any sexy couple.
To find out more, click here.
Double Ended Glass Pleasure - Poseidon
When you can't decide whether you want to be coming or going, this sultry glass piece will give you the best of both worlds and satisfy your every orifice. Ang and Ranger strike again with this dazzling review...
For more info click here.
Supersize HER! Goliath Silicone Dildo/Vibe
Tantus has always been known for their extremely high quality silicone toys; and nowhere is this more apparent than this behemoth of form and function. When only massive will do, Goliath awaits...
For more info click here.
What, What, In Your BUTT? Bootie Plug!
fun factory patchy paul g3 Make every day a booty celebration with this perfectly sized, silicone companion. Perfect for beginners and anyone looking for "entry" into anal pleasure, you won't be disappointed with the results!
To read the review, click here.
Handle Your Pleasure - 5 Popper
This glass toy is made especially for anal play, but it is just as fun vaginally. As with most glass toys, this high quality piece is gorgeous to look at and will provide a lifetime of adventurous fun.
For more on the Popper, click here.
Vibratex Silky - Mind BENDING Orgasms!
Made of a sexy soft material that's difficult to describe, this amazing dildo not only thrusts - it BENDS! From the innovative folks at Vibratex comes one of the most unique sex toys ever.
To find out more, click here.
Home on the Ranger's - Proteus Pleaser
It seems we just can't send our intrepid reviewers - Ang and Ranger - enough glass toys to satisfy their Pyrex passions. With the Proteus, we doubt they'll be searching for much more sexy silica.
For more info click here.
Artful Bliss - Ohh Gee
We just LOVE glass toys, both for their fun in the sack and their artful appearance. So, when our friends at Glass Fantasy sent us this piece, we were excited to say the least. And it did not disappoint...
To find out more, click here.
Rock & Roll Her - Rock Chick
One of the most unique products we've ever cum across, the Rock Chick strives to let you have your cake and eat it too (or in this case, rub your clit and hit your G-spot, too). A winner on all counts.
To read the review, click here.
Heroic Dichroic - Phallix
The unquestioned leader in glass sex products, Phallix makes art that just so happens to fit into your sex life. We found this beauty at the 2002 AVN Show and just HAD to have it.
To read the review, click here.
Sensuous - Raked Blue Spruce Smoothy
We can't think of a better way to enter the world of glass play than this subtle, yet able performer. Smooth, long, and shaped just right, this shaft of glass is dishwasher safe!
To read the review, click here.
Waves of Pleasure - Nereus Glass Shaft
A glass wand with raised bumps running the full length of its shaft, this gorgeous dildo makes a great solo companion or a show piece for your special someone. Suitable for all points of entry!
For more on Nereus, click here.
When Bigger is Better - Magnum
Though the size of this dildo may intimidate at first, its giving silicone construction will painlessly fill you up and not let you down! Manufactured by Fun Factory, so you can count on superior quality.
For more on Magnum, click here.
RELIABLE Wood! Brandi Hardwood Jildo!
Exotic hardwoods have never served a greater purpose than in this inspired creation from Woodpecker's Roost. A seductive shaft of exotic cherry, hand turned and finished to last a lifetime.
To Read Our Review Click here.
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