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What's New?
We are still exploring options for our own e-cards module, perhaps based on our Couples Kissing, Girls Kissing, and Men Kissing Gallery pictures. Until then, here are all the e-card sites we could find. If you know of any more, please let us know immediately.

Red Hot Greetings
Our favorite place to send each other sexy greetings. Eddy and I use this site frequently to compose our sexy little naughty notes every now and then... and you should too.

To visit, click here.
Naughty E-Cards
Choose your level of naughtiness at this easy to use, sexy e-cards site. All sexual tastes and preferences are covered and it's selection ranges from highly charged sex to downright hilarious.
To visit, click here.
Vulis Archives
Crazy, sexy and hot, these classic and fun e-cards are great for any occasion and are more fun than practically any set we've yet found.

To visit, click here.
My Pleasure
From a site that offers so much more, MyPleasure contains cards in several categories of erotica, from the subtle to the downright dirty (how we like it!). While there, check out the rest of their wonderful site!
To visit, click here.
Discreet Greetings
Sexy e-cards for friends and lovers. Just the right selection for couples looking to send a sexy greeting. We find their offerings simply delicious.

To visit, click here.
Nude Art Cards
Beautiful nude artwork from the web's top artists and photographers available for your e-mailing pleasures. Images for every emotion, occasion, and sensual persuasion are free to all.
To visit, click here.

Other E-Card Links (please let us know if we've left anyone out)
123 Greetings Adult Strip-A-Grams
AfroerotiK e-cards Art Minds
Betty Page Postcards Bill Murphy's
Blue Mountain BUSTcards
Chessie Moore Dreaded Neds Free Gay Asian Cards
Erotic Moments E-Cards Erotic Vouchers on Clitical
Free Animated Stripper Cards Funny Reign Sexy Cards
Hallmark Harry's Original Naughty Cards
Hegre Cards Hot Erotic Greeting Cards
House O'Chicks E-Cards  
Jenny Cards JLH Fine Art Nudes
My Pleasure Postcards Kinky Cards
Nasty E-Cards Naughty Cards
Nude Art Cards Nude Men Virtual Cards
PantyGrams Passion Up
Playgirl Centerfold Pulp Cards
Queer Cards Secret Love Letters
Secret Love Letters Satori Romantic Greetings
She Cards SNAFU Cards
Sugar and Spice Tattletails Adult Postcards
Timeless Passion Virtual Crack Rock
Virtual Spanking Vivid E-Cards
Vulis E-Cards Ze-Card

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