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Our Top Sex Enhancement Products
1. Fun Factory Cobra Libre
2. The Fascinator Throe
3. The Sybian Sex Machine
4. Sportsheets Lap Rider Thigh Harness
5. Sliquid Silk and H2O Personal Lubricants
6. Shunga Divine Lip Gloss and Dragon Oral Cream
7. Clone A Willy Make Your Own Dildo Kit
8. The Tantra Chair
9. Aneros Helix
10. Verspanken Male Pleasure Device
11. Bathmate Hydro Erection Pump
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Members Only - Happy Top Tickler Cage!
kim kardashian Adorn your package in this stretchy cage and tickle her vajizzle! Made of soft stretchy jelly, this fun little sleeve fits over any size member and adds a little extra stimulation as you thrust and parry!
To Learn More, Click here!
Sexual Rawk'in Roll - HotRawks!
sex and music We usually approach so-called aphrodisiacs with a jaded eye; however, there are products on the market that enhance the libido without the side effects of Big Pharma - is this one of them?
To find out more, click here.
Up Your Intimate Game - Sex Is Fun!
kim kardashian Accomplish a little MORE than expanding your knowledge of useless trivia - get LAID! This nifty card game tests your sexual knowledge, prompts your passions, and best of all, you BOTH win!
To Learn More, Click here!
Double Your Fun - Hustler Twice the Love!
sex and music Stretch this ultra comfortable ring over your package and give your partner twice the orgasmic crescendo! Two powerful vibes adorn this cute and functional pleasure ring, ready to double your fun!
Click here to learn more!
Super Orgas-HIM - Cobra Libre!
kim kardashian If you're a male and you've ever been curious about what a clitoral orgasm feels like, try this revolutionary stimulator and wonder no more. Just insert the top portion of your member and blast off!
To Learn More, Click here!
Member Serve His - Tenga Lip Service
sex video Masturbation devices take a huge leap forward with this American twist on a classic Japanese pleasure. The Tenga Lip Service wraps your entire package in a mind blowing orgasmic environment beyond belief!
To Read Our Review, Click here!
Sweet Positions - Liberator BonBon!
kim kardashian Toy-meets-girl in this cute and sexy package from Liberator Shapes. Grab your favorite vibe and/or dildo, insert into the convenient holding pouch, and ride your way to orgasm! Add a partner for even MORE fun!
To Learn More, Click here!
Need Lubrication? Aloe-CADABRA!
psalm isadora Natural lubricants are fast becoming the norm and few are better than this fast-acting, slippery sensation. Specially formulated for problem dryness, a few drops will have things wet and in proper orgasmic order.
Click to Learn More!
What, What, In Your BUTT? Bootie Plug!
cockstar Make every day a booty celebration with this perfectly sized, silicone companion. Perfect for beginners and anyone looking for "entry" into anal pleasure, you won't be disappointed with the results!
To read the review, click here.
Position Perfect - Liberator Jaz
liberator jaz In our 22-plus year relationship, any help getting our tired old bodies into positions for great sex is appreciated. This cute little wedge does the trick every time. Backward, forward, and otherwise...
To read our review, click here.
Which CAME First? The Tenga Egg!
Sometimes, pleasure does "come" in the simplest of ways. Take this ingenious little sleeve from Tenga; not only does it do the trick for every man's treat, but doubles as a toy accessory extraordinaire!
Read the full review here!
Bone Clone - The Amazing Clone-a-Willy!
What happens when you take Freddy's cock, stick it in a tube of gooey stuff, and pour liquid latex into the resulting mold? A perfect replica! But did it "measure up" to Eddy's expectations?
To read more, click here.
Clip Those Nips - Nipplettes!
Nipple play is always an enticing avenue for sexual pleasure. These adorable one-touch clips add just the right amount of tingling to get you singing. Adjustable pressure means never having to say "ouch!"
To learn more, click here.
Sexual (Lil' Mynx) Pole Position
lil minx Pole dancing is all the rage, burning calories AND sex lives up all over the world. It was about time we got one ourselves and plunked down some cash for a portable pole from Lil' Minx. Was it worth it?.
To read the review, click here.
No Muss, No Fuss - The Luv Mat
tantus stroker In our line of 'work,' things tend to get messy (ok, TMI, but heck it's the truth!). So what's a couple in our situation supposed to do to prevent unwanted evidence? We turn to red furry SHAG when we shag...
To learn more, click here.
Pleasure Cruising - Hot Rod
masturbation sleeve Slip this flexible sleeve over your shaft and experience increased girth and greater pleasure for HER. Our newest reviewers, Mark and Cathleen, swear by this sexy silicone sleeve.
To learn more, click here.
HOT Shot - Shunga Dragon Virility Cream!
Let's face it, when it comes to sexual products for men, the offerings are slim. However, Shunga hasn't forgotten the masculine side and presents this nifty cream to put heat in your beat!
To learn more, click here.
Fellati-oh-WOW - Divine Oral Lip Gloss
Add a tingly kiss to your next oral encounter with this unique lip gloss that adds some spice to your nice! With a bit of warm, a touch of cool, and a dash of imagination, your oral skillz will be unmatched!
Please read the full review.
Cock-that Doodle-Doo! 5-Speed Ring!
tantus stroker It's time to get busy, the clothes are off, and you let it all hang out. And she... is unimpressed? Well we certainly have the perfect solution - this handy and seductive leather ring will add swing to your thing...
To learn more, click here.
Prostate Perfection - Aneros Helix
bwarm In 20-plus years together, only one frontier seems to have remained elusive in our marriage. However, when one is persuaded by gorgeous Asian ladies to take the plunge, one must never hesistate...
To learn more, click here.
Slow Glide - The Lube Tube!
tantus stroker When you need to apply the slippery stuff to certain intimate areas, this handy little injector can make the process simple and painless. One intrepid Canadian reviewer puts it to the test...
To learn more, click here.
Funky Mojo? SWIPE It Clean and Fresh!
cock ring Need that clean, fresh feeling before engaging the pheromones? These personal wipes are eco-friendly, made in the good ol' USA, and created to bring your privates to sparkling attention!
To find out more, click here.
No Joke for Your Stroke - Bachelor Pad
masturbation pad A bit less ambitious than the Utamaro, this simple nubbed pad had one of our regular visitors dying for some "alone time." Designed to add poke to your stroke, did this soft silicone device deliver?
For our review, click here.
Stroke it, Stroke it - STROKER!!!
tantus stroker We're never hesitant when it comes to trying self-pleasure devices; but when the uber-silicone masters at Tantus announced their first foray into masturbation sleeves, we were excited...
To learn more, click here.
GOOD Teabagging - Screaming O Tea!
tantus stroker Wouldn't it be nice if your evening tea did MORE than just taste good? Well, here's a blend that not only goes down smooth, but gets the sexual mood going with an herbal aphrodisiac blend. Did it work?
To learn more, click here.
Pump it Up: Bathmate Penis Enlarger
bathmate In our opinion, only one method works when it comes to maximizing one's inches - pumping. This ingenius device uses water pressure and suction to give the most effective results - period!
To learn more, click here.
Best Bed Buddy - Invisible Companion
Vibrating cock rings are never a bad idea in our sexual book and this powerful little monster shows why. Super stretchy ring with oversized bullet vibe cranks out enough power to tame the most hesitant clits.
To find out more, click here.
Heavy Metal - Njoy 2.0 Pure Plug
We have to face facts: anal play is all the rage and we've been quite behind in our research of late. Luckily, one of our daring friends offered to take the Njoy challenge. Would the 2.0 fit the subject?
To read T's review, click here.
When Only the Best Will Suffice - Sybian!
sybian Though we're not quite ready to pony up the huge dollars for this amazing device, luckily some Freddy and Eddy friends DID. After reading their review, we will soon be taking the plunge ourselves...
To find out more, click here.
Mojo Maintenance - Sliquid Smooth
When it comes to shaving those intimate areas, one can never be too careful! Luckily, Sliquid has come up with a solution that will leave your lover breathless and your skin silky smooth.
To learn more, click here.
Esse-exy - Liberator Esse Chair
From the folks at liberator comes this wavy foam wonder. As good for kicking back with your favorite video game as it is for limitless sexual possibilities, the Esse chair makes the perfect addition to any room.
To read about the Esse, click here.
Master and Mistress - Pheromone Cologne
What happened when Freddy and Eddy meet weird folks in Victorian clothing at a porn convention? Are they shanghaied by pirates? Carted off before the Queen? Or introduced to a cool pheromone product?
To read more, click here.
Splish-Splash, Give That Mojo A Bath!
When that mojo needs a bit of that "clean, fresh feeling, grab a bottle of this all-natural, glycerin-free personal wash. Available in spring blossom or fragrance free, a little dab will make all the difference.
To read more, click here.
Figure 8ight - Fun Factory Vibrating Ring
Could uber-sex toy manufacturer Fun Factory score a hit with their first cock ring? The 8eight offers fun design, powerful vibrations, and easy installation. What more could we want in a cock ring?
To read more, click here.
Anal Flex-ation - Flexi Felix Anal Beads
When it comes to anal fun, most beads are lacking in aesthetics. This soft, medical-grade silicone character will have you smiling from cheek to cheek. Great for anal play beginners.
To read about Flexi, click here.
Riding High - Sportsheets Lap Rider
This ingenious device made for one of our most memorable evenings ever. Some sultry music, candles, and Eddy at her sexy best put this amazing harness to use and gave Freddy the show of his life.
To learn more, click here.
Perfect Partner - Vibratex Sidekick
With the female half of our duo away for 12 days, Freddy was left with the post-vasectomy task of ejaculating 10 times before she returned. Luckily, aid came in the form of this scintillating sleeve...
To learn more, click here.
Strands of Sexuality - Bracli Pearl Thong
When our Shunga vendor dropped off  this sexy little undergarment, we couldn't wait to integrate it an erotic dance routine Eddy had learned just days earlier. Let's just say it was a perfect match...
To learn more, click here.
Masturbaton Nation - Lotus Eater!
A tiny squishy device made for gripping your member and bringing a climactic crescendo, the Lotus Eater is made from space-age "senso" materials and gives new meaning to the term "deflowering."
For our Lotus review, click here.
Audio-rotica - Sounds Erotic Audio CD's
Tired or turned off by pornographic videos? Need something different to stimulate and elevate your sexual moods? Pop one of these clever collections of sexy stories into your CD player and prepare for lift off!
To read our review, click here.
Sensual + Liquid = SLIQUID
When it comes to lubes, we usually yawn and look for a way out when vendors extoll the virtues of this one or that, but we found ONE man who wouldn't be denied his product's place at our bedside.
For our Sliquid review, click here.
Throe Stains Away - Fascinator
No matter how hard we try, we just can't seem to dislike anything in the Liberator product line. From the folks who brought us the amazing Ramp and Wedge comes an ingenious path to cleaner sex...
For our review, click here.
Scented Nooky - My Maple Cookie (Tea)
For the "oral-averse," comes this innovative solution that promises to alter your LUV scent and fill your partner's taste buds with the delicious flavor of maple. Did it work? Did F&E ooze Aunt Jemimah?
For our review, click here.
Lord of the (Cock) Rings - LUX LX4-Plus!
Add a jolt of power and elegance to your package with this tantalizing pleasure ring. Built for a lifetime of orgasmic service, the Lux LX4-Plus features multi-speed control and recharge able operation!
To read our review, click here!
Sexual Fury-osity: Gear Fury Metal Ring
The couples crowd hath spoken! Gear Essentials has unveiled their most massive metal magnificence yet. The Fury combines the heft of the Omega with the elegance of the Imperial to embrace your manhood.
For our review, click here.
Nubby Chubby - Screaming O-joy!
screaming o-joy o joy Ring your thing and start to sing - orgasm that is! The O-joy combines a thick erection ring with pressure sensitive tingly fingers to create two great tastes that, well, you know the rest. Did we find the "joy?"
To learn more, click here.
Sacred Sexy Curvature - Tantra Chair
We almost performed back flips when the producer of this famous furniture offered to adorn our shop with one of his voluptuous pieces. Designed for sexual excursions, we find it great for so much more...
For our review, click here.
Erotic Massage? bWarm!
The art of erotic massage has been a passionate pursuit of ours since beginning our relationship back in 1988. Indeed, oiling up and probing our way to orgasm starts with the basics. The bWarm among them.
For our review, click here.
Masterful Strokes - Gear Master Ring
for almost 2 years, we've been carrying the fabulous line of Gear metal cock rings, yet we've never tried one particular model in all that time. So, Eddy and I decided it was time to "master" the final ring...
For the full review, click here.
Freddy's Magic Number - Stroke 29!
Since our Sex Tracker shows clearly the reduced need to masturbate, it was with hesitation that we followed TB's advice to try this masturbation cream, designed to warm and enhance your jerk.
For the full review, click here.
Shapes Extreme - Liberator Black Label
How do you improve one of the best sex products in existence? Easy - take the existing product line, add sexy black velvet, strategically placed restraints, a blindfold, and your imagination!
To find out more, click here.
Swing Into Action - The Love Swing
A dilemma occurs: how does one decide which is better - the Love Swing or the Liberator Ramp/Wedge combo? Easy, get both and compare them! The swing takes top honors, but only because we have...
To read the review, click here.
Subtle Storage - Devine Toy Box
A great dilemma arises when one begins to acquire sexy things; namely, where do you put them? These sexy and functional boxes will accommodate and lock away your intimate treasures.
To find out more, click here.
Techno No Mo' Mojo
This is the latest in personal shaving technology, demonstrated at this year's AVN show. Rechargeable and compact, this is the latest way to trim that bush and remain pain and rash free!
To find out more, click here.
Endless Boinking - Bonk'er Extreme
From the crazed mind of our friend the  Bonkmaster comes this amazing contraption that will expand your sexual horizons and keep you - literally - on the edge of your mattress.
To Learn More, click here.
36-Hour Sex Marathon - Cialis (Tadalafil)
It promises 36 hours of rock hard erections and is billed as "super Viagra." Could this pill really deliver the goods? Get the scoop on Cialis as Freddy dares to ingest and separate the facts from the hype.
To know more, click here.
For the REAL Men - Omega!
At Erotica LA, there was one item that drew the crowds to our booth - the Gear Omega cock ring. A gargantuan hunk of metal that is as intimidating as it is gorgeous, it took Freddy months to try it.
To find out more, click here.
Heavy Metal - Imperial Cock Ring
Freddy wore this magnificent metal marvel for the entire 2004 Erotica LA show and was amazed by it's comfort and sexiness. Eddy just couldn't keep her hands off him! This is the KING of rings...
Read the review here.
Boinkum - with Bonkum!
A truly unique sexual experience, this product is a fun and sexy heart-shaped toy designed for maximum orgasmic control and HER sexual empowerment. Definitely out of the ordinary!
To learn more, click here.
Essential Gear - Titan Cock Ring
Followers of our site know that I (Freddy) love and use cock rings regularly to enhance sexual pleasure. Now, along comes a company who turn the ordinary ring into a work of sexual art...
To find out, click here.
Hot Hot Hot - Mega Stretch Rings
Freddy thought the adult toy distributor was crazy when she suggested he try a cock ring. After all, he thought, why would a horny dude need one of these things? Now, he rarely goes without it!
To read the review, click here.
Clit Tingling - Cleopatra's Secret Creme
Could a product possibly be named any worse than this? However, don't be fooled by the cheesy title, this clit cream provides an extra bit of tingle when you add a pea-sized dab. At an amazing price, too!
To lean more, click here.
Divine: Number #8 and 9 Lubes
We've now tried over 40 lubes from 10 different countries and containing every ingredient and flavor imaginable. When things get hot, though, we seem to always reach for our bottle of Divine.
To read the review, click here.
Magic Organic - Aloe Cadabra Lube!
We are always on the lookout for wonderful lubrication, and this aloe-based personal lube provides all-natural moisture to private parts of all ages, shapes and sizes. In three flavors, this concoction delivers!
For more info, click here.
Sharpen Your Pencil - Tribulus
Before you reach for Viagra, try this product first. Used by bodybuilders for years to increase testosterone and help push their workouts, this supplement has the side benefit of improved sexual performance.
To read Freddy's take, click here.
Bigger, but Better? Head Coach Pump
Even for one as well endowed as Freddy, a little more size couldn't hurt, right? After trying just about every ingestible product out there, he turned to the only tried and true way to plump his penis...
To read the review, click here.
Numbing Sensations - Shunga Balm
With a strong sense of irony, yet another climax control product found its was into our bedroom, despite my insistence that it's unnecessary! A balm that numbs, did this cream deliver?
To find out more, click here.
Crystal Clear - Crystal Sleeve 1&2
Roll on this silky smooth sleeve from the folks at Vibratex (via our friends at Wild in Secret) and add an inch of size and a different set of sensations to her inner regions. With a secret side benefit, as well!
To learn more, click here.
G-Positioning - G-Spot Link Cuffs
Looking for a way to hold your legs in position as your partner thrusts lustily? These simple ankle cuffs are a comfortable device to take the strain off tired legs and allow for deeper penetration.
To find out more, click here.
New Angles on Fun - Liberator
One of our very favorite sex products. Definitely on par with The Love Swing, these plush shapes can be arranged into endless combinations for positions you never thought possible.
To find out more, click here.
A New Angle on Sex - Little Deeper
As rabid fans of the Liberator Ramp and Wedge combo, we approached this inexpensive cushion with skepticism. However, we're happy to report that it performed nicely and did get Freddy a little deeper!
Click here to read our review.
Sexual Intelligence - SmartBalls
A clever twist on the venerable "Ben-wa" balls of Chinese historical descent. Made of hypo-allergenic hardened silicone, these insert-able lovelies silently vibrate while they strengthen your muscles.
To find out more, click here.
Good Vibrations - Nip Clips!
Clamp down and give your nipples an extra dose of pleasure with these versatile vibrating nipple squeezers. Adjustable clamp pressure and vibrations ensure a perfect fit every time.
To read our review, click here.
Clean Play - Pleasure Wipes/Cum Kleen
Sometimes one needs that "clean, fresh feeling" before heading downtown - not to mention what to do after the heat dies down and a shower seems overkill. Well, good things come in small packages.
For more info click here.
When Only the Best Will Suffice - Sybian!
Though we're not quite ready to pony up the huge dollars for this amazing device, luckily some Freddy and Eddy friends DID. After reading their review, we will soon be taking the plunge ourselves...
To find out more, click here.
G-Positioning - G-Spot Link Cuffs
Looking for a way to hold your legs in position as your partner thrusts lustily? These simple ankle cuffs are a comfortable device to take the strain off tired legs and allow for deeper penetration.
To find out more, click here.
Spankin' Together - Verspanken!
Every now and then, we come across a product that shatters its category and emerges as an F&E favorite. This pleasure device is suitable for solo sessions and partner play alike. How much did we love it?
For more info click here.
Little Blue Pill - Viagra
The little blue pill that delivers red hot sex for the erection-challenged, Freddy just had to see for himself what the fuss is all about. When a friend offered him a couple of freebies, how could he resist?
To read our review, click here.
Long Live Rock and Roll - Monkey Rocker!
monkey rocker It took a year to secure one of these machines from the cool Bakersfield, CA folks who invented it, but arrive it did in time for some holiday fun. How fun? Let's just say we'll be rockin' and rollin' all year!
To learn more, click here.
The Weight Is (All) Over - and Under!
Years back, a rather nice gentleman walked into our store and asked for a peculiar item. No sooner had our curiosity been piqued had our visitor unveiled his lengthy scrotum and revealed a product worth trying!
To learn more, click here.
Sex in the Barnyard? Horny Goat Weed
Supposedly, 2000 years ago someone in China saw goats going bonkers (sexually) after consuming the plant Epimedium. Never one to shy away from sexual improvement, Freddy took the capsule and...
Will it make you horny? Read here.
This Stroker Is No Joker - Tenga Flip Air!
sex and music Masturbation rarely makes an appearance in our relationship (with exceptions for mutual fun, of course), but this handy device from Tenga seems to hit all the right spots. Is Freddy in love?
Click here to learn more!
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