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It is with great sadness to announce our Forums are now closed...

Dearest Freddy and Eddy online community,

Since 2003, we've been blessed to be part of a virant, sexy, and sincere group of people through our online forums. Along the way, we've met many friends and shared numerous conversations that have enriched our lives immensely. We can't convey enough thanks for how much we have appreciated each and every participant's input and how your knowledge, experience, and wisdom has benefitted our personal lives. Seriously, we owe our very marriage to you.

However, with the growth of "social media," including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc., traffic in our forums has dropped to the point that it simply makes no sense to keep these old boards active any longer. Indeed, we ourselves don't take part to the extent we once did, with too many avenues now in need of our moderation and focus. We now must maintain a presence on all of these different platforms and simply must decide on how best to answer inquiries from all of those seeking to improve the quality of their/your relationships.

So where do you go to find us now? Well, here are a few links that can guide you to discussions where we are actively taking part...

First, you can join our Freddy and Eddy Circle on Google Plus. We are constantly checking in and conduct live "Hangouts" frequently, in which you can actually see and speak with us directly during set times throughout the week (drop us a message and we'll even jump in for a private if you have a question you need answering). We also have a Facebook Fan Page, located here. We try to post relevant links and original articles daily, and each post goes directly to Twitter immediately. Speaking of which, please follow us on Twitter at @freddyandeddy to get our latest feeds. Finally, and perhaps most excitingly, we DO still take part in a traditional message board setting! Through a partnership with our friends' site, BohoCrush, we offer our own opinions and questions on their forums and you can check them out here. Though a paid site, we do not gain in any way financially from the BohoCrush community, so please give them a look and join if you find it to your liking.

In closing, we again wish to thank you all deeply for your participation and support all these years and we sincerly hope to see you on the web in short order. Love to you all!

Ian and Alicia

Ian and Alicia Denchasy (and Kealii)
aka Freddy and Eddy
3753 Ashwood Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

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