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What's New?
This section is devoted to easy-to-understand tips and techniques for some of the more common sexual practices. Whether you're a long term couple looking to add to your repartee or a new couple wondering what the heck a sex swing is for, we'll try to provide as many answers to as many topics as we can.
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How to: Have Sex In A Car
Yes, just about ALL of us has made whoopee in a vehicle at one point in our lives; but was it awkward or epic? Let this handy guide turn your wheels to new heights and make your ride into a love machine!
To learn more, click here.
How To: Make Your Own Sex Tape
Why let celebrities have all the fun? Grab a camera, your partner (with permission, of course), and a healthy dose of imagination and make a sex video worthy of TMZ! We tried it; did we like it?
To learn more, click here.
How to: Have Hot CHRISTIAN Sex!
We're often asked where religious beliefs fall in the realm of sensuality. Here's a great (and simple) guide for Christians looking to keep things spicy. Hint - God does indeed want your union hot!
To learn more, click here.
How to: DO Eachother!
Tired of always "making love" and wanting to grab your partner for the fuck of a lifetime? Leave your guilt at the door and enter a world full of uninhibited, take-charge sexual passion, energy, and HEAT!
To learn more, click here.
How to: Give an Erotic Massage
Whether prepping for sex or just looking for a way to soothe your lover's stress and strain, massage is a classic pleasure for both giver and recipient alike. Let us show you why, and how...
To learn more, click here.
How to: Talk to Your Kids About S-E-X
If you're having trouble with birds and bees, perhaps a primer on communicating healthy sexual information to your precocious teen might ease your discomfort. Let us be your guide.
To be enlightened, click here.
How to: Pick, Choose, and USE Condoms
So you think it's as simple as hitting your neighborhood pharmacy and grabbing the most colorful box, eh? If only it were that easy! Read on to see just how much you know (or DON'T know) about rubbers.
To read more, click here.
How to: Get What You Want in Bed
You like it hot and rough, he wants to watch CSI. How do you provoke those inner demons to come out and play? Let Deva Charu share a few of her secrets and have your partner ready to tease and please.
To read more, click here.
How to: Maintain the Clean Mojo
We all like that clean, fresh feeling down in our pleasure zones. Let F&E guru Jenn Ramsey guide you toward that sexy scented mojo tha'll have your partner coming back down again and again!
To learn more, click here.
How to: Squirt! (Female Ejaculate)
Is female ejaculation a myth? What, exactly, IS that stuff gushing forth in those passion contractions? Learn how our own Deva Charu learned to let go of her inhibitions and let her fluids flow.
To read more, click here.
How To: Practice Tantric Sex, Part 1
A funny thing happened to us while on our way home to review a new vibrator. We were kidnapped by our tantric sexpert, Charu, and coaxed to try a different sexual approach. 23 straight days of sex later...
To learn more, click here.
How To: Practice Tantric Sex, Part 2
Deva Charu is continues her exploration into tantra with this in-depth article on connection, assumptions, and expectations. Discover deeper sexual satisfaction through tantric practice...
To learn more, click here.
Bending Over - How to: Have Strap on Sex
Getting an urge to play some role-reversal and learn the pleasures of "receiving?" Bend over and read on as our resident "anal queen" Jenn gives you the low down on taking it down low.
To learn more, click here.
How To: Pick and Choose Lubricants!
From the research desk of Jenn Ramsey comes the definitive treatise on all things lube. From their ingredients to application, she covers all the slippery basics to help you make the best choices!
To read Jenn's article, click here.
How to: Care for Your Sex Toys
After your vibe has satisfied, how do you keep it in top condition for your next orgasmic need? From F&E Webmistress Jenn Ramsey comes this guide to care, cleaning, and storing your intimate items.
To learn it all, click here.
How to: Fist Your Lover
When you and your lover are ready for the ultimate sexual experience, here's the primer to get that whole hand into (and out of) just about anywhere you desire. So grab the lube and  open WIDE...
To read more, click here.
How to: Shop for a Sex Toy - Part 1
So you think you're ready for the world of sex toys, eh? Maybe you should take this quick tour of the basics of choosing, using, and making your experience less confusing...
To learn it all, click here.
How To: Pick a Sex Toy - Part 2 - Silicone
The second of four parts, this article will give you a rudimentary understanding of silicone sex toys and how to choose, use, and abuse this most common material. For not all silicone toys are created equal!
To read our article, click here.
How To: Pick a Sex Toy - Part 3 - Materials
In part 2, Silicone was the focus of our in-depth explorations. Now, learn about the many other materials that comprise our favorite toys, from glass to rubber to metal to wood... and more.
To learn more, click here.
How to Find and Stimulate the G-Spot
Ah, yes, the infamous Grafenberg spot. Does it really exist? Can a woman really experience mind blowing orgasms just by pressing a tiny spot inside her vagina? We've compiled all the facts you'll need.
To learn it all, click here.
How to Watch Porn
You want to spice up your evening with some sexy video, but either aren't sure what to watch or how to choose. Worse, your partner thinks it's perverted! What do you do? How do you break through?
To learn how, click here.
How to Last Longer (Men)
What's one of the most terrifying anxieties to most men? Easy - not being able to please a woman sexually. We explore the phenomenon of premature ejaculation and its roots.
To last longer, click here.
How to Give Great Cunnilingus (eat pussy)
It's not just a job! One of the greatest pleasures on earth is to take that tongue and apply it to your mate's pleasure zones. Think good cunnilingus is just about the clitoris? Think again and read on.
To suck good pussy, click here.
How to Give Great Head (fellatio)
Giving great blow jobs are not just the skills of porn stars. With a little bit of patience, the right partner, and some practice, you too can master the art of orally pleasing your mate.
To learn more, click here.
How to Have Anal Sex
Our very own queen of the anal regions - Jenn Ramsey - outlines everything you need to know to lube up your bums and head for the "other" entry point. So spread those cheeks and open wide...
To learn more, click here.
How to Join the Mile High Club
Is it really as simple as getting on a plane and having sex? What is this club anyway and what do you REALLY have to do to join? Take off and make your sexual adventure soar with this informative piece.
To learn how to join, click here.
How to Shave Your Intimate Areas
Get out your razor and start trimming up that jungle. This easy to follow set of steps from the luminous Violet Blue will have that mojo flossing your teeth no-mo. Read up and get to work.
To visit, click here.
How to Experiment With BDSM
Put a little pain into your pleasure. Bondage and domination can be an invigorating addition to your sexual repertoire. Whether you choose to deliver or submit, here's a primer on ways to safely get started.
To visit, click here.
How to Swing - The Basics
Interested in taking your relationship in new directions? Expanding your boundaries and experiencing "the lifestyle" is a choice many couples pursue safely and happily. Here are the basics.
To learn more, click here.
How to Swing - Part 2 - Is it Like Dating?
Now that you've learned the basics, take a trip into more detail with our own Sexy Scifi as she explains the protocols, rituals, and ways to meet others in this fascinating lifestyle choice.
To learn more, click here.
How to Swing - Part 3 - Boundaries
Now that you've learned more than you've ever thought possible in Parts 1 and 2, it's time to explore those last steps and decide for yourself if "the lifestyle" is right for you and your partner.
To find out more, click here.
How to Use a Cock Ring
Cock rings are used to prevent the blood in an erect penis from flowing out, thereby increasing the longevity and hardness for most men. We've been using them for about a year and recommend them highly.
To learn more, click here.


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