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Our Personal Favorite Positions
1. The Close Embrace (Freddy on Top)
2. The Bermuda Triangle (Eddy on Top)
3. The Slow Dance (standing)
4. The Fire Hydrant (rear entry)
5. The Bamboo Split (side by side)
6. Doorway to Heaven (Freddy gives oral to Eddy)
7. Look Ma, No Hands! (Eddy gives oral to Freddy)
8. Radio Flyer (Advanced)

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Him on Top/Missionary
The most common position and one that needs little to no explanation. Although there are many variations to enhance it, such as pinning the woman's legs behind the shoulders, etc., intimacy is why it's so popular.
To learn more, click here.
Want to Know More? Sex Positions DVD!
The Puppet Master, the Football Stance, and 25 other sexual positions are explained and shown in detail in this sexy instructional video from the folks at Sex Essential Videos.
For more info click here.
Her on Top
When empowerment is on the agenda, no position allows the woman more ways to control her own orgasm. Atop her partner, she can reach for her clit or place his hands in just the right spots.
To learn more, click here.
Feel like pinning your partner against the wall and ripping into some hot sex? Here are some creative ways to satisfy your cravings while on your feet. Great for small spaces!
To stand and deliver, click here.
Whether your mission is to satisfy your partner or satisfy each other simultaneously, there are infinite possibilities to lick, suck, and nibble your way into your partner's heart. All it takes is a willing mouth...
To see oral possibilities, click here.
Rear Entry
By far Eddy's favorite position. Ideal for g-spot stimulation and maximum depth, the doggy style position offers a great view of your partner's derrière while at the same time allowing for anal penetration.
To see a larger picture, click here.
You might have seen a porn film and wondered, "How in the world did they do that?" Or perhaps you're a yoga disciple looking to incorporate your flexibility into your bedroom. Here are some adventurous ways.
To break new ground, click here.
Side by Side
This is our preferred "morning sex" position. From behind, the male enters his partner sideways, lifting her leg as necessary. Allows great freedom for the female to stimulate her clitoris while being penetrated.
To get a peek behind, click here.
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