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Fun Factory Patchy Paul G3 G-Spot Vibe


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Eddy Freddy


Our very favorite insert able vibe UPDATED! Powerful, waterproof, and designed to hit the g-spot just right, this toy delivered everything we expected and more!
freddy and eddySynopsis: This vibe from the amazing Fun Factory folks combines power, versatility, and great design into a visually appealing masterpiece. Now in its 3rd generation redesign, it adds a turbo boost function, better water tight construction, and more precise controls.

Eddy's Review: This wonderful toy was introduced to us at the AVN 2002 show.  Among the loads of toys throughout the show, they caught my eye with the vivid colors and shapes.  I chatted with the vendor and she gave me the low down on the options one has to choosing toys.  The Patchy Paul (known back then as the Worm/Paulchen) is a silicone vibrator that is contoured to always hit the G spot.  The feel of silicone is quite soft and flexible.  It was explained that silicone is easy enough to keep clean with soap and water or anti-bacterial gel. The vibrator itself is shaped in the form of a worm with the main body part ribbed and the head tilts in to aim for the G spot.  The great feature is that it is water resistant and has a great control mechanism, which is easily manipulated while wet.  I broke it in during a shower right away, and I must say I was quite pleased even before I turned it on.  I had no need for lube as the water made it slide so effortlessly.  And when I did turn it on, the shivers just overtook my body.  What a long shower that was!  Then later on that night, I used it with my hubby, with the same great results.  Showing him where to place this toy over and on my body is still so much fun to this day!

Years later, the product has been improved tremendously. First and foremost, the battery compartment forms a tighter seal, which means more options regarding water play. We've been able to completely submerge it without any water finding its way into the motor housing. Another added feature is "turbo boost," which instantly doubles whatever power setting you are on with the simple push of a button. Even the overall look gets a refresh with a more flowing design at the base, making the vibe more attractive and easier to hold. Fun Factory gets extra kudos from us for not sitting on their laurels and finding improvements even in a product that was already a winner. Finally, the packaging is done extremely well; 1) you get to see the design, 2) it includes the AA batteries, and 3) they enclose some water-proof lube.  It’s a self- pleasure package all wrapped up in one box.  This is a must-have and it may be the only vibe you'll ever need.

Interested in purchasing a Fun Factory Patchy Paul G3 vibrator? Click here or on the links above to visit our online store.


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