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The Clit Kisser ($29.95)
Reviewed by Freddy and Eddy

After a rave review from one of our message board members, we decided to experiment with a little device made to enhance clitoral stimulation through suction. Called the Clit Kisser, this device attached to the top area of the vagina and, through a small ball pump, is supposed to swell the clitoris and lips, leading to enhanced pleasure during both oral sex and intercourse. Supposedly, this phenomenon is sweeping across Europe and should be big here, eventually. Well, David Hasselholf was big there, too, and I still have yet to meet anyone brave enough to admit paying to see one of his concerts.

Of course, being an experienced pumper myself, I figured the concept made good sense (and it came with a vibrator attached, too) and, being the trooper that she is, Eddy slapped the credit card down and off we went.

Or did we? Apparently, everyone in Europe MUST be doing this, because the device was backordered indefinitely and we had to wait almost two months for it to arrive. We figured this must be an Adam/Eve thing, but no one had it in stock. After several weeks, we even got a letter saying they didn't know when they could fulfill the order and did we want our money back. Undeterred, we stood pat and happily it arrived a couple of weeks later.

Amazingly, the first time we tried it (despite the fact it comes with NO instructions at all), it worked. The silicone ring fit snugly around Eddy's clitoral area and a squeeze of the ball indeed began swelling the area. One great aspect of this type of product was that it forces you to work together to make it work. Due to the built-in vibe, one person must operate the pump and hold the device in place, while another hand is required to adjust the vibe (mulit speed). When Eddy got tired of squeezing, we switched tasks and continued our experimenting.

After 15 minutes or so, we decided the pump had sufficiently done its duty, so we got down to the fun part - sex. Eddy reported she did experience increased pleasure during oral and intercourse and even gave the Eroscillator a chance. Good on all counts.

Conclusion: We're told that to gain the full benefit of this toy, we must diligently use it daily for at least two weeks and periodically after that, so we'll definitely keep going and report back again next month. For now, however, we can definitely say the product does produce the suction as advertised and we are enjoying it thorougly.

Interested in purchasing a Clit Kisser? Click here or on the image above.