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Club Vibe 2.OH
OhMiBod $79.00

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Eddy Freddy


Sets the standard for remote control devices, period. Superior design, gorgeous presentation, and the added twist of vibration to music make this a must-have.

Synopsis: An elegant, remote control vibrator and panty set that can be set to music or controlled via remote.

Freddy and Eddy's Review: As one can imagine, being in the adult retail industry for OVER ten years (as of this writing in 2012), we've come across just about every variant of sex product even the most imaginative person could dream up. As such, we've penetrated, vibrated, massaged, titilated, and otherwise stimulated just about every inch of each other's bodies to the point where very little that comes along can surprise us (or indeed, even spark a little interest). Maybe it's just old age creeping up on us, but we've definitely become a tad jaded over the years, relying on our tried-and-true favorites to provide the punch when needed.

In the remote control product category, most offerings fall into the "novelty" only column for us; usually, they are one speed, range is spotty, and some are so noisy as to prohibit usage in all but the loudest parties and/or clubs. Hence, outside of New Year's, we rarely ever use them. Vibrating panties, for example, are fun for about five minutes before our female half usually grabs the remote away due to extreme numbness. We're not trying to be discouraging, though, as even five minutes of excitement can lead to greater things down the road.

OhMiBod, who brought the world its first sound-activated vibrator, is the latest company to take a crack, so to speak, as remote stimulation. Their Club Vibe 2.OH is a discreet little package that packs quite a bit of promise into its small form. Recharge able via any USB port, the Club Vibe 2.OH is one of the few sex products to wow us and it not only provided lots of laughs out on the town, but also helped turn a boring Xmas party we attended into quite the event (more on that in a moment).

First, the skinny; the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH is a two piece (three, if you count the included panty) unit, which comes apart from its egg shape into two halves (one being the remote, the other obviously the vibrator). It is operated via three buttons, one for powering on and off, the two others for switching modes and adjusting power levels. The beauty of this design is that the Club Vibe 2.OH can be used as a quite capable stimulator without considering the remote possibilities. Controls are straightforward and the range of vibrations are such that it makes a great little compliment to straight love making and/or it can function as a solo masturbation device if one so desires.

Where it really shines, however, is out and about and we had an astounding time playing with it all over the greater Los Angeles area! The remote is stated to work up to 15-20 feet away, but in real world use we found it to be much greater, at times able to activate all the Club Vibe 2.OH's features from well over 30 feet. In just one example, we were attending a rather upscale holiday party and the remote was passed around to a few close friends to give a few little jolts to an ususpecting Eddy. The Club Vibe has since made its way to a few electronic music venues, where the bass kept it clitoris thumping all night long. To sum things up, the Club Vibe 2.OH isn't just a good variation of the standard remote control vibrator; it's a revolutionary step forward in sex toy technology - period.

Interested in purchasing an OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH? Click here or on the links above to visit our online store or travel to their wonderful website here.

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