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An innovative little piece of fun. Truly unique.

Synopsis: An insert able vibrator for vibrations during intercourse.

Our Review: This little gem, believe it or not, was first shown to us back at the 2006 Adult Novelty Expo in Los Angeles, guarded behind a Plexiglas case in a vendor's booth. Tantalizing as it was, the We-Vibe just never seemed to make it to market, finally disappearing from subsequent shows a year later, only to resurface yet again earlier this year. Would we finally get our hands on this interesting device?

Indeed, it turned out the distributors of the We-Vibe happened to be fans of this very site, meaning an eval unit found its way to us once the ship hit the docks, so to speak, and we excitedly awaited nightfall and our son's bedtime to begin the inevitable test run.

In essence, the We-Vibe is an insert able vibrator, made from medical-grade silicone, that is designed to work in tandem with a penis, providing vibrations for both partners while simultaneously pushing against the G-spot. It's rechargeable, as well as completely waterproof, meaning it can be used anywhere, anytime. Rocking the We-Vibe outward also provides clitoral stimulation, making this little doodad one of the most ambitious toys ever invented. Could it deliver on all these lofty promises?

Unfortunately, our first go wasn't too successful; I had a little too much to drink and wasn't quite hard enough to get myself into her vagina after she inserted it; however, we managed to solve the problem the very next evening by avoiding the alcohol and resting the We-Vibe on top of my erect penis, then inserting both simultaneously. Once in place (and with a few drops of Sliquid Silver to lubricate things), we got down to business.

While the vibration certainly packed plenty of punch for Alicia, it got a bit annoying for me after a few minutes. In fact, when in the rear entry position, the strong buzzing actually made me a tad numb as it made contact with my frenulum repeatedly. Fortunately, this predicament was partially cured in the missionary position, where the We-Vibe makes contact with the less sensitive top of the penis. Either way, my wife certainly seemed to enjoy the adventure, and turning the vibration off made the device practically undetectable (to me) as we continued to make love.

In short, the We-Vibe is one of the more interesting playthings we've come across over the last few years and we're positive it will continue to play a role in our sexual repartee. It's a bit pricey, but we can't argue a lot of thought and technology went tino making this nifty little gizmo worth the wait.

Interested in purchasing a We-Vibe II? Click here or on the links above to visit our online store or visit their website here.

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