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Eddy Freddy


Trying them at AVN got our curiosity, owning them is even better!

Synopsis: Two half-heart shaped metal stands that allow for very comfortable sex.

Our Review: From the realm of the "strange and exciting" comes this very different type of sex product. For those not familiar with our site, we're big fans of sexual manipulation devices, such as The Love Swing, the Ramp/Wedge combo, the Luv Seat, and now, the Bonkum.

What, exactly, is the Bonkum? Physically speaking, the Bonkum is a set of hook-shaped metal poles, with dangling leather straps, into which a participant places his/her ankles to make sex more comfortable, varied, and pleasurable. The poles are attached to plates and are meant to be placed on each side of your bed, in-between your mattress and box spring. One places one's feet, ankles, or legs into the leather straps and lets the imagination take it from there. You can buy the basic model, which comes with one pair of hooks and straps, as well as a deluxe version which includes four poles and accompanying straps. The straps are available in black or red leather.

And so we did! Here, there, and everywhere! Once her ankles were placed into the Bonkum, Eddy was able to easily angle her pelvis for maximum penetration. Another way we used the Bonkum was to set them up close to the foot of our bed, with me on my knees on the floor (her calves resting in the straps) performing oral sex, which was very similar to our experience with the ceiling mounted swing. On a less quantifiable note, the things are just plain sexy and fun LOOKING, which enhanced our overall experience.

In summary, this is a quality product and we can see lots of "boinking" in the years to come with our Bonkum!

This item comes with AN UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE FROM THE MANUFACTURER. If, for ANY reason, you wish to return the Bonk'er Classic, you may do so within 30 days of your initial purchase (no questions asked - customer must pay return shipping charges).

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