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Sex Over 50

Joel D. Block and Susan Claire Bakos

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Eddy Freddy


You don't need to be over 50 to gain valuable insights from this well-written work.

Synopsis: A book addressing all aspects of sex in advanced age.

SHMD's Review: In a category where is a plethora of books dealing with the subject of sex in people over 50 it is pleasant and very reassuring to find one that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

          Sex over 50 by Joel D. Block and Susan Craire Bakos is one I recommend enthusiastically.

          Reading this book helps to destroy the myth that people over 50 are not as interested in sexual activity.  It also destroys the old myth that mere love alone or the penis alone would be sufficient to transport a woman to sexual ecstasy.

          Even though the majority of plus 50 people probably know clitoral stimulation is necessary for most women to achieve orgasm, a key ingredient in the definition of “Sex and Ecstasy” .  Yet many men and women may still harbor the belief one can be “too old for sex”.

          Further reading of the book helps disprove other old myths and old wives tales such as;

1)     Quality of sex declines for men and women as they age;

2)     If a women does not lubricate sufficiently or if a man doesn’t get an erection immediately he or she are not aroused;

3)     Erection problems are inevitable and incurable without medical intervention;

4)     Female desire declines dramatically following menopause;

5)     Once a man is no longer aroused by the mere sight of his wife he will have great difficulty making love to her;

6)     Men peak when they are younger but a man can’t be ___ to peak until he has become a good lover and has the ability to please his partner in many different ways;

7)     Youthful orgasms are more intense, this not true;

8)     Men and women with heart or other problems should avoid sex activity;

9)     Sex has to end in orgasm;

10) Oral sex is for the very young and

11) Intercourse is the only kind of sex that counts, anything else is not sex.

Other very important aspects that are discussed in simple clean language deal


1)     Overcoming mental obstacles to great sex and

2)     Five steps for overcoming the obstacles

The very frank and candid discussion of removing boredom from your life is worth the cost of the book alone.

Simply stated acknowledge your fear in escalating order of importance.  Beside each fear note what you are afraid of losing;

1)     Eliminate guilt, a concept introduce by religion as it concerns sex;

2)     Stop being so cautious;

3)     Push back your personal boundaries and

4)     Take risks

Another excellent section deals with tips for creating a sexy mind set.

The most outstanding part of the book is that each of the 15 chapters  has a personal story of a couple who face  a problem, how they  make the necessary adjustment to achieve a new and higher level of sexual pleasure. 

There is something of value for everyone who takes the time to read this extremely well written book.   It’s well worth the time and effort.

Interested in purchasing or learning more about Sex Over 50? Click here
or on the links above to visit Amazon.com. SHMD is a 78 year old male living in Hermosa
Beach, CA.

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