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Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies for Couples and Sweet Life 2: Erotic Fantasies for Couples

Edited by Violet Blue $11.95

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Eddy Freddy


Freddy always thought erotica was for females. Until, that is, he opened the pages of this HOT collection of stories! Now he knows better.

“When he eased a fourth finger into her cunt, she thought she would come on his hand.  He went slowly, so slowly she couldn’t tell where she ended and he began.  She was whimpering loudly now, unashamed of her need.  She squirmed on the table, urging him to go faster, harder.  But he kept to his slow, methodical pace, filling her with his fingers.  Slowly, he slid them out and back in again, over and over in the rhythm of a ballad, steady and sweet.” From Spa Day, by Kristina Wright

The passage above comes from Sweet Life-Erotic Fantasies for Couples, edited by Violet Blue, an amazing collaboration of wonderful erotic stories. 

There are 21 delicious short stories within this book.  It reminded me of when I first read my first Harlequin book when I was only 15 years old. You would curl yourself up in a corner nook somewhere in your home or sprawl out on a chaise lounge by the pool. Where ever you where you would be transcended into the realm of sexual fantasy. 

These erotica charged stories are aimed at heterosexual couples.  They cover the gamut of telling forbidden fantasies.  The scenarios are ones that you might of heard of, and yet there are many that will provoke you to release your inner wants and desires.

Check Your Inhibitions at the Door by Ann Blakely is a wonderful tale where a couple (Hunter and Dara) attend a party that moves them closer in their relationship by opening a door to their next sexual adventure of adding a third person (Mica). 

Another story would be Spa Day by Kristina Wright.  This erotic story has been fantasized by many women.  It is a story where a woman (Mrs.. Vittorio) is entering a spa to receive her massage, where she engages with her masseuse in more ways than one. Is she being involved in infidelity? The visualization that goes through your head as you read along will get you a bit hot and bothered.

I would highly recommend this novel to ALL couples.  If you are looking for a jump start in your relationship just read a couple of these short stories to your partner and watch the blood levels rise!

"Fuck me Charlie. Just Fuck me."

I run my fingers along the back of her dress, and now I feel the dampness there, caused by her arousal combined with her lack of undergarments. She's chosen well, though. The multicolored pattern of the fabric hid the wet spot so well that all evening long I didn't notice.

"So you knew what you were doing from the start," I say, unbuttoning my slacks now and releasing my near desperate cock. From X-Rated Eden, by Craig T. Vaughn

How does one manage to top a classic? Easy, release another one! This follow up to the sensational Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies for Couples continues the mission of bringing deliciously sexy situations and fantasies to the imaginations of couples daring enough to peel back its pages. From parking garages to abduction to phone sex and threesomes, this collection of erotic prose will charge the ions in your brains and the blood in your crotches.

We highly recommend this collection to ALL couples.  If you are looking for a jump start in your relationship just read a couple of these short stories to your partner and watch the blood levels rise!  And if you can’t get enough, there is always the first Sweet Life.

To purchase either of these hot collections, click on the links above to visit our online store!.

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