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Eddy Freddy


Right up there with the best glass toys, this metal object is as good for a deep back massage as it is for finding those intimate areas.

Synopsis: A curved metal object measuring 10" in length, with bulbed ends.

Eddy's Review: On our never ending quest to find unique toys that will keep the fire a flame in our love life, we come upon some very exciting territory.  We found the Njoy, a curved metal dildo and g-spot stimulation device.  Njoy is the creation of Greg Delong, who founded Njoy to craft beautiful metal objects that would last a lifetime.

When we first heard of the Njoy, it was from a very respectable source – our own Jenn!  She came in one day saying she was overwhelmed by this toy that her friend had let her try.  “I’m not a squirter, but it made me squirt!”  So after having her talk up this toy, we had to try to find it.

Find it we did!  When we opened the nicely designed box, the Njoy was nestled into a foam shape so that it was well protected.  We noticed how weighty it felt as we lifted it out of the box.  Its’ shape is crescent with a rounded ball on each end.  The smaller end is about 3/4" and the larger end measures about 1 1/4". It is made out of Stainless Steel and weighs about 1 and pounds. The weight in the larger ball creates a heavy ended side, which makes it perfect to “rock” back and forth after penetration.  Picture you having a 1 pound weight in your hand with the ends bended toward each other.  “Rocking” is the motion that describes how you would play with this toy. 

The first time we used the Njoy, it was after Freddy gave me a long luxurious massage. He gently rolled the larger end along my lips and the coolness of the metal awakened me from my relaxed state of mind.  The pressure of the bulbous end had such an impact against my outer lips compared to my normal toys made of soft silicone.  Pushing it to the edge of entering myself was creating some resistance in my mind.  So, I decided to change ends and let my body get used to the smaller end first.  It slid inside my body so easily, as the smaller end put pressure on my G-spot. With its’ curved body, it actually seemed to hook into the G-spot groove, ever so lightly.  With the second try, after getting heated up by a video, we decided to see how the Njoy would play out.  This time around I was able to let my body be relaxed enough to take the larger bulb.  Once in, I rocked the toy back and forth with the bulb totally hooking onto the ridge behind my pelvic bone. Wow!  It felt so good!  The constant pressure of the curved backbone of the Njoy gliding in and out while have the weighted ball pull and release against my G-spot was a combination not to be beat.  It made my orgasm much more intense than usual.

Overall, this toy is complete with the design aimed at getting to the G-spot and letting the owner take control of how much pressure to use within their body.  It is presented beautifully while designed flawlessly.

Freddy Says: The Njoy Pure Wand is one of those rare sexual products that I have to say one can't live without. Not only is it gorgeous, but the Pure Wand is the device that gave my sexy wife her first SQUIRTING ORGASM. What more can I say than that?

Interested in purchasing an Njoy Pure Wand? Click here or on the links above.

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