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Next Generation Products $189.00
Eddy Freddy


Much better for Freddy than Eddy, but the quality is certainly top-notch.

Synopsis: A battery-powered masturbation machine for both men and women that can be used solo and together.

Our Review: Question: what do two horny people do when they want to have sex but have no condom handy? In our case, we improvised and reached for an interesting machine sent to us by the good folks at Next Generation Products. Called the Full Stroke, this contraption promised to do something to which very few sex machines can lay claim; that is, provide stimulation to BOTH of us at the same time.

And how, exactly, can this be accomplished? We'll answer that momentarily, but first some facts about the Full Stroke unit. Constructed of hard plastic, the Full Stroke is about the size of  a handheld blender (10" long, 8" high, and 4" in width), weighing approximately 3 pounds. The main stroking assembly resembles a large flashlight, hollowed, into which fits a stroking sleeve lined with a soft silicone material textured with hundreds of tiny nubs. When turned on, the machine's internal sleeve recedes into its housing about 3-4 inches and returns to its original position with each "stroke," and an optional dildo can be fastened to the opposite end to provide for simulated penetration for a female. A harness can be attached to allow for "hands-free" use and the Full Stroke is activated by a switch in the top of the unit (two speeds are available to the user). Finally, power is provided by a rechargeable battery and the recharging cradle is provided in the packaging. One fact of which males should be aware is that the  Full Stroke is designed to accommodate penile dimension NOT exceeding 1 7/8" in diameter and 7 1/4" in length, so you porn star studs of the world would be wise to steer clear.

Unfortunately, the Full Stroke sat on our shelf for almost two months before the occasion to use together it arose, which was a sudden urge to "get busy" in our shop, but with no condoms available (strange, we know, a sex shop without any condoms!). In a flash of brilliance, we grabbed the Full Stroke, attached the dildo and headed for the couch. Positioning Eddy on her back, I inserted myself into the male end, kneeled toward her, and inserted the dildo into Eddy and flicked the switch. Wa-la! We were now having sex without actually, uh, having sex. Unfortunately, the machine works a little bit TOO well for me and watching Eddy get penetrated by this machine was more than I could stand, resulting in me finishing fairly quickly. Clean up was fairly easy; just run warm water through the center and it's good to go.

Since then, I've used the Full Stroke solo with great results, though I still prefer my trusty Utamaro for such exercises. One drawback for us is that the Full Stroke, while great at what it does, is VERY noisy. So noisy, in fact, that we'd be very apprehensive to use it while our child is asleep for fear of waking him. Also, the unit is not as easy to use solo for women as it is for men, due to the angle at which the machine must be positioned to gain penetration. It would be nice if Next Generation could make some sort of floor mount for the Full Stroke to stabilize it (like the Sybian, for example), which might make things easier for the ladies.

Eddy Says: (posting)

In summation, despite the noise and somewhat bulky nature of the Full Stroke, I enjoy using it quite a bit. At almost $200.00, it's a bit pricey for a sex toy; but it's built like a tank and should last for years and we certainly love the inventiveness of its creators. To learn more on this fascinating machine, please click here or on the links above to visit their website.

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