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Flaunt It!
by Intimate Associates
Eddy Freddy


Freddy's not a games person - but this one at least got him laid.

Synopsis: A game similar to Uno, in which the object is to promote intimacy.

Eddy's Review: Freddy has never been much into games. Pull out Trivial Pursuit or Scattegories and he immediately heads for the nearest book or HBO show. For this reason, we've avoided any sort of sexual-themed games and let this particular one sit unopened on our bookshelf for over six months. It was only though weeks of guilt piled on by the Bonkmaster that finally resulted in Freddy begrudgingly agreeing to participate. That, and the promise that my clothes would come off, of course. Much to his surprise, Flaunt It! completely turned him toward trying sexual games (though he'll still leave Monopoly for his "Curb Your Enthusiasm" DVD).

To summarize, FlauntIt! is a game designed to promote intimacy between 2 or more players, which has found a huge following among swingers due to its particular ability to create comfortable and fun situations to "break the ice" and get things going. And though it was a tad complicated to learn at first, we quickly mastered the basics and were able to engage in some unexpectedly sexy fun, even though we did realize the game would be much better with the addition of more participants.

A slight variation of the game Uno, players are dealt a number of cards that denote actions, such as masturbating, kissing, caressing, playing with toys, and other forms of play, with corresponding numbers that can be used to determine the time period of such actions. These number cards can also be used to help with clothing removal and players can choose not to engage in uncomfortable situations with grace and dignity while the game continues onward. In our case, we used the cards first and foremost to remove articles of clothing, adding a slight twist by specifying the WAY we wanted the clothing removed (I wanted Freddy to slowly remove his socks, for example). Within about 15 minutes, however, the game gave way to some serious humping, so we didn't get to fully explore some of the more fantasy-laden aspects of FlauntIt!, though we have returned to the cards and played for almost 45 minutes at a clip.

In summation, Freddy still hates games, but he'll stand for a game of FlauntIt! if I pull it out. If you're into swinging or a fun night of drunken nudity among friends, this clever diversion will do the trick.

Freddy says: I am still not much into games, but the sexual ones such as Flaunt It! are definitely in my future!

Interested in purchasing Flaunt It? Click here to visit Adult Games for Couples and Swingers for ordering information.

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