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Eddy Freddy


Surprisingly fun and easy to learn. Got even us old codgers laughing and fucking!
Synopsis: A card game in which sexual knowledge about each other is tested... and rewarded.

Freddy's Review: Games have never been my thing, sexual or otherwise. Pull out Trivial Pursuit or Scattegories and you can be sure I'll make a hasty retreat from your gathering.

As such, I approached the Sex is Fun card game with more than a bit of hesitation, if not downright skepticism. A card game to promote sex? Hmmm. And Monopoly makes its players into Rockefellers, too, right? How could a such a simple box full of colorful cards take me from apprehensive participant to hot sex - two extremes if ever there were - in the span of an hour or so?

The game itself is comprised of seven sets of cards, organized by category (Pillow Talk, Oral Action, Sexy Surprise, Kinky Action), along with option cards to mix things up. The object is to anticipate what your partner will answer or how he or she will react given a particular question or task; for example, "Point to the opening of your vagina and ask him what you're pointing at. Will he answer A) Your vagina, B) Your pussy, C) Your cunt D) Say something else." You then both choose answers using the choice cards and show them simulataneously. If both answers match, the one who performed the task gets a point (we kept track of points using pennies). If not, the other player gets the point. As the game progresses, lots of clothes can potentially be removed and acts performed, meaning full-blown sex is almost always guaranteed. I must admit that after a few rounds I begrudgingly had to admit I was having a really great time. And sex not only happened, but explosively so.

In fact, one of the major surprises that came up during game play was when we answered differently on a question regarding anal sex, resulting in me getting to diddle where I normally don't get to (I'll spare the details as TMI). The laughter in this instance alone was worth the price of Sex is Fun. Overall, we laughed, played, and got quite frisky after only a few rounds of Sex is Fun, which is more than I can say for my last go round with the Game of Life!

Eddy Says: Posting...

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