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Eddy Freddy


Insert favorite toy, lube up, and blast off!

Synopsis: A saddle cushion with pocket for inserting one's favorite vibrator or dildo.

Eddy's Review: Over the years, we have noticed that there hasn’t been many products that assist customers with the next level of service which would work with the new toy they might have just purchased. The introduction of the BONBON by Liberator seems to fit the bill.

The BONBON is a unique saddle-shaped foam pillow with a slot on the top which enables the user to add a vibrator or dildo to create a “squeeze me” effect. The BONBON is 15” long, 12” wide and 9” high with the sides curving in so that the user feels as if they are cradling in a saddle. The top slot is 4” in length while the foam makes it flexible to put most dildos or vibrators to be inserted. As with all Liberator products, the foam is always covered by a zippered nylon layer. The BONBON comes in 8 yummy colors which are two toned and is covered with a micro suede zippered cover which makes it easy to wash.

When we first tried the BONBON we noticed that it looked a lot like the Sybian machine http://www.freddyandeddy.com/productreviews/Vibrators/sybianproductreview.htm in shape but without the motor or cost. I tried out the BONBON with a dildo first. I decided to play with a Tantus “Acute” since it was flexible yet study. I liked the ability that I could shift my body to have the dildo hit me in the right spot, while also being able to squeeze the sides of the BONBON to really make my contractions really tight. Then we tried a vibrator; Fun Factory “Heartbreaker” to see how that worked. I really enjoyed the ability to move my body around with the flexibility of having a “hands free” play time with a clit vibrator. Playing with it alone was fun but it was extra fun putting on a show for Freddy as he could watch how I manipulate my body leaning forward and back to have the vibe hit the right spot!

Freddy say:

Interested in purchasing a BonBon? Click here or on the links above to visit our online store or here to visit the Liberator site. Your purchases are vital to keep this site up and running for all to enjoy!

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