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Eddy Freddy


It took a second try to get it right, but whoa! We certainly can't complain about the results.

Synopsis: A kit that produces a perfect replica of one's penis.

Freddy's Review: In late 2001, around the time we began working on this website on a more serious basis, we made the decision to begin visiting trade shows. If we were going to make a serious go of this thing, our thinking went, then we should start really learning exactly what products were out there. Being newbies to the whole sex toy thing, we had no idea the breadth and scope of adult offerings, so we began at the most natural place we could think of - the AVN (Adult Video News) trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. And with AVN having just launched a toy and novelty section, our choice seemed logical enough (besides, getting away from our 2 year-old for a couple of days seemed a nice incentive to jump in the car and make the 5 hour drive).

Safely checked into our low-budget room in the far corner of the Tropicana, we made our way toward the Sands Convention Center, where the show was being held and managed to score two free passes by convincing the press person we were legitimate reporters for the titanic Freddy and Eddy website (yeah, with our huge - 100 visitors per day - traffic numbers). Miraculously, the lady had actually visited our website and liked it! Our first brush with celebrity! Nervous, we made our way through the large doors and took our first dive into the world of porn.

Without straying too far off-topic (as if I haven't enough already), it would do a disservice to this review if I failed to relay our first experience walking into the AVN show. One simply cannot convey in words the overwhelming shock of walking into that main hall for the first time. Giant booths, screens, and posters of the hottest porn stars accompanied by competing zillion decibel sound systems blast you senseless as you pass through security. The porn stars (primarily female) are literally displayed on pedestals and stages while flat screen monitors spew clips from their latest releases out into the voracious audiences. Long lines of autograph seekers choke the aisles every direction we turned and we squeezed our way slowly through the thick crowds, yelling and screaming as they cheered their favorite performers or begged for t-shirts to be thrown their way.

Eddy and I persevered and fought our way toward the back of the hall,  finally finding safe haven from the mindless throngs in the business-to-business novelties section, which was closed to the general attendees, but which we were allowed entry due to our press credentials. Once inside, things calmed down quite a bit and we visited each booth, dumbstruck by just how much goddamned sex stuff there is. Hundreds, if not thousands, of different vibrators alone! Dildos of every shape, color, and size; endless brands of lube, made from infinite and indecipherable substances; rubber dolls, fake pussies, sprays, lotions, drinks, aphrodisiacs, leather stuff, costumes, candy, games, bondage gear... it was endless! How in the HELL, we mused, could anyone try all this stuff? And even more intriguing; WHO the hell was buying it? Was most of this junk safe? And who in their fucking MIND would want to make a copy of their dick?!!!

Screeeeeeech! Ahem, well, let's fast-forward a tad, shall we? For here we are, five years gone by, hundreds of products tested, and a good deal more open-minded than that first foray into the world of AVN with the answer to that very question. Yes, at that cherry-popping trade show in 2001 we did indeed run across a kit designed to make an exact copy of an erect penis. And our reaction was one of shock and disgust, thinking one would have to be some sort of friggin' weirdo to want to make such a facsimile. For what possible purpose would anyone want such a thing? Isn't the real one sufficient?

Well, readers, things do change and people do grow. Though I'm still not mentally prepared to let my wife strap one on and do me from behind or give me a "golden shower," I must admit I have opened up to new experiences from which I'd have run screaming just a few years ago. The thought of reproducing my erect penis began to intrigue me about a year prior to this writing;  and when my good buddy Jordan (aka the Bonkmaster) informed me HE'D made one for his girlfriend Tori (and that she loved it), well, the urge to clone was just too hard to resist. Hence, a quick call to our friends at Empire Labs had a box full of Clone-a-Willy kits delivered and ready for "Operation Freddy Bone Clone."

So what is a Clone-a-Willy, exactly? In its simplest terms, it's a tube, some rubber mixtures, and a small vibrator. You cut the tube to fit the length of your erect penis, pour in a fast-hardening rubber compound, insert your erect penis, and then remove it after the compound hardens (in two minutes). This forms the mold, into which you pour liquid latex, which then hardens over the following 24 hours. Once hardened, you gently pull the dried piece out of the mold and you have before you a perfectly rendered (and usable) replica of your penis. This life-size trophy can then be used as you would any other insert-able with the added benefit that it's YOUR cock she's inserting.

For us, the process of making Freddy Jr. spring to life in latex immortality was not quite as easy as the kit promised. The problem came at the critical juncture between mixing the gooey substance to make the mold and inserting my erect penis into it. With only approximately 90 seconds to get fully erect and into the gooey tube, I choked, big-time, and could not get hard enough to make it into the tube on time. Even with Eddy stroking furiously, too much time passed and the molding substance hardened into an impenetrable glob of rubber, resulting in a trip to the trash can and a plan to overcome this obvious barrier.

Weeks later, I decided to take a tablet of Cialis, which would help with maintaining my erection, and have a stack of pornography on hand to supply me with plenty of visual stimulus (and thereby take my mind off that ugly tube of glop my poor cock would have to endure). Of course, a glitch came in the form of my mother-in-law, who was scurrying about the house at the exact time we'd planned the second attempt, resulting in a retreat to the bathroom, where no porn would be possible. Eddy, being the trooper and savior she is, however, quickly stripped naked, my grateful cock instantly rising to attention and easily inserting into the tube. Minutes later, I gently pulled myself from the tube and our mold was ready. Following the instructions, we let the mold set for a few hours before pouring the latex and completing the mission.

With great anticipation, we waited the 24 hours for the latex to dry and removed what we'd hoped would be a successful clone. Slowly, we pulled the hardened member from within its rubber habitat and beheld a near perfect replica of my penis. Though a slight odor still hung in the air, the clone was a perfect match when I held it up to the real thing and we both laughed at how eerily close the two looked side by side. Of course, we couldn't wait to try it and I quickly headed south with my tongue to prep her for a sexual interlude with, well, myself. But not really myself. Or something like that.

Within seconds, however, it dawned on me that I could now do something previously impossible - insert my cock into my wife while giving her oral at the same time! This drove her wild, as one could easily predict, and I immediately began imagining possibilities beyond this oral breakthrough. For example, using the clone, my wife could now experience double penetration with ME in both places! She could now masturbate with ME inside her! For now, though, she chooses to keep it on display discreetly in our shop, tucked in one of the cases for easy access whenever called to duty again.

Eddy Says: Who would of thought to clone your private parts?  Well, Empire Labs did, that’s who!

The thought of having my guys’ private member encased forever in a silicone mold made me think twice.  I thought it would be the coolest thing ever to have his penis forever to hold.  Just think, when either one of you were away on business trips you could always pull out your trusty replica of your one and only.  Well, it was too good to pass up, so “Clone a Willy” was going to be our next pet project.

Our first try with Clone a Willy ended with nothing, since we couldn’t finish the mold.  Nowhere does it say that one might have an issue with trying to keep an erection while jamming your penis into a tube full of warm oatmeal goo.  Eeeewwww!  Unless your wife is Tera Patrick or you’re a 17 year old  boy, can you see the probability of something going awry?  After adding some assistance the second time, we did have “lift off” to say the least. 

What you start off with in your kit is a clear tube, temperature gauge, wooden flat stick for stirring, dry mix for the mold, 2 bottles of silicone and color for the fill in, a square piece of corrugated box and a vibrator.

You start off with measuring and cutting the included plastic tube down to your man’s penis length that the mold must be made in.  Then you bring up your tap water to 98 degrees.  Then you add 1 cups of 98 degree water into a bowl with the dry ingredient.  You must mix the 2 properties together within 2 minutes.  Hear me, 2 minutes!  Once your water and powder are mixed thoroughly, pour into the plastic tubing and then thrust the tubing onto one’s erection.  They say not to worry about all the goo that falls onto the floor.  It cleans up quite easily.  You want to try to keep your penis in the middle of the tube so to get a full replica.  Then you wait for a few minutes to let it harden.  After you take off the mold it must air for a couple of hours.  Then you can mix the latex and color to pour into the mold.  After you have filled the mold, you add the vibrator in the center and hold it up by pushing it through square piece of corrugated box that hangs over the tube edging.  Once everything is set, you must wait for 24 hours for it to fully harden.  Cut off the plastic tubing, pull the silicone out, and gaze upon the amazing replica of your man’s penis!    

You will want to play and feel your man’s penis every second of the day.  I bet you will, you’ll see….

In summary, it's amazing how far we've come in 5 years. The Clone-a-Willy? Brilliant and we recommend it highly. Empire Labs also sells a chocolate edible version, as well as a Clone-a-Pussy, which we plan to try soon.

Interested in purchasing a Clone-a-Willy? Click here to go to our online store or here to visit Empire Labs' website and learn more about their wonderful product line.

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