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Monkey Rocker $800.00

Eddy Freddy


While giving Freddy fellatio, it was almost like doing it with two guys. Amazing sensation...

Synopsis: A device whereby a person sits and rocks a dildo in and out of chosen orifice.

Eddy's Review: Sex machines are in a class all their own.  Their description can be quite complex or downright scary.  But then there are some very unique products that are undeniably sexy and fun.  Hence, The Monkey Rocker.

The Monkey Rocker is a unique design where one can sit on a padded stool-like rocker.  It has a secured seating where it rocks forward and backwards smoothly yet has the flexability to slightly move from side to side, enabling the rider to glide.  Now add the pivoting thrust arm assembly, where you can add many different dildos and you’ve got a machine. 

The breakdown of The Monkey Rocker is that it is smaller and shorter than it looks in pictures.  The cushions at their widest point are 16 inches wide.  At the narrowest point the cushions are 14 inches wide.  The tops of the cushions are 16 inches from the floor.  Length without the handle assembly is just over 22 inches.  It weighs just 25 pounds and is easy to carry by the integrated handles on the cradle sides.  The special pivoting thrust arm assembly securely holds and thrusts a wide variety of sex toys to complete the package.  The ability to hold these toys comes two fold; with a removable Vac-U-LockŪ plug to attach any Vac-U-LockŪ dildo or a variety sizing of rubber O-rings and a strong adjustable strap that allows mounting of almost any flared base dildo.

When we first tried out The Monkey Rocker, we added the Acute from Tantus, in which most of their designs are flare based.  Just about any dildo can be easily attached, and there's an extra adapter to accommodate all Doc Johson Vacuu-lock toys. We just added a slight amount of water-based lube and away we went!  The curved seating is designed and cushioned so well that it was just so comfortable to the touch.  While the added dildo maneuvered very well with the ease of the pivoting arm.  I just had to move ever so slightly to make The Monkey Rocker glide.  It was amazingly effortless.  The protruding handle was a great idea, so to balance oneself while getting into the groove of things.  Masturbation is truly grand while playing solo but when we added in the additional oral play, it was most outstanding!  While I could manually stimulate myself I could also give Freddy oral pleasure at the same time.  The ability to get each other off while one of us was on a machine made this machine very special indeed!

Overall, The Monkey Rocker is definitely a unique sex machine that would fit into any household.  It’s a great addition to showcase your collection of dildos, and add a little more fun while giving oral sex.  They even give you a 1 year guarantee against defects in the materials and workmanship   The Monkey Rocker will rock your world!

Freddy Says: This is one of those devices that I just KNEW would be hot to watch my lovely wife play on - if we could somehow convince the company owners to send one our way. And in that respect, my suspicions were proved more than correct. After receiving this ingenious contraption in November 2006, it quickly became a favorite item on our sexual menu. Usually mounting a Tantus Charmer to the Monkey Rocker, my wife uses the unique rocking motion to simulate sex while simultaneously performing fellatio on her lucky husband (ME!). To send her WAY over the top, she adds a Lelo Lily or Fun Factory Layaspot for clitoral stimulation and can experience 3-4 orgasms within minutes of stepping onto the seat. She tells me the sensation is almost like being with two guys (without the guilt - LOL) and double penetration is easily accomplished by simply kneeling behind the machine.

Two other note worthy things to mention; first, I had the pleasure of directing an educational video about sex toys and the female star - Satine Phoenix - showed the machine's flexibility by interchanging dildos of various shapes and sizes in little to no time at all. Second, we loaned the machine to a MALE friend who likes to be penetrated, but whose wife is uncomfortable doing so. The Monkey Rocker allows him to exercise his fetish in private without causing friction with his wife or asking her to do something she'd rather not. His gratitude for the Monkey Rocker and its effect on his marriage has been profound.

In summation, this is one incredible machine and I, for one, give it my highest recommendation.

Interested in purchasing or learning more about the Monkey Rocker? Click here to visit the Monkey Rocker website.

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