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As good as wearing a cock ring and just as addicting. Freddy is now moving up in weight...

Synopsis: A stainless steel weight designed to stretch the scrotum.

Freddy's Review: I must admit, if someone had told me five years ago that I'd be trying sex toys for a living, I'd have laughed hysterically and brushed him off. However, here I am, doing just that; hunting down and discovering new ways to spin old habits and continually pushing the envelope in the interest of "research" to enhance the spicy side of my marriage to Eddy. And while most products fail to make it to this site, even the crappy ones have managed to get us from first to home on most occasions (before they find their way to the trash). Any reason to be intimate is positive, we figure, so through the boxes of toys we continually dig, hoping to find a nugget amidst the sediment, so to speak.

One of my strange fascinations in all this has been cock rings, especially those made of metal. Introduced to me at the AVN show in 2003, I've been wearing different styles and colors ever since, loving the sexiness of feeling them "down there," not to mention the occasional squeeze I get from Eddy just to check on things. While they do serve their function to keep me harder for a bit longer, this is not my main reason for wearing them; indeed, I simply like how they feel to me and me alone.

And so I found it strange to be caught up in a conversation at our Erotica LA booth with a gentleman who described his evolution FROM cock rings to these strange contraptions, the purpose of which is to stretch the scrotum and make the balls hang lower (for lack of better terminology). Why, I wondered, would anyone want to do that? Undeterred, our visitor described how he started with with small (8oz) weights and had worked his way all the way up to the largest model he could find - a whopping 22 ounces - and how his balls now hung a full 8 INCHES below his body. Not only that, but could we assist him in finding even larger ones! I casually tossed off this conversation and figured I'd seen the last of him, but fate would have it that he took down our information and wanted to come by our store to talk more about acquiring the larger weights (since we do actually know a metals fabrication expert).

Two days later, I had in my possession the weights pictured above to give to our fabricator for examination, and wouldn't you know curiosity got the best of me and I figured it couldn't hurt to try them, right? The 8oz model, after all, is no larger than the Gear Omega cock ring, so how much damage could I do? Alone in our store, I locked the doors, pulled out Mr. Happy, and began the installation.

Putting on these particular weights proved to be a tad awkward at first, and I pinched a bit of skin while getting them into position. I had to be very careful to make sure there was plenty of room to clamp both pieces together, which I then fastened with two screws and an Allen wrench. Gingerly, I got up and felt the slight tug downward, which I must admit was pretty darned good (for lack of a better term). I continued to wear them for the remainder of the day, constantly checking to make sure they were secure, as I didn't want the stretcher to come clanging down onto the floor.

Later that evening, when I revealed my new gadget to Eddy, she simply couldn't wait to have sex to see what effect the stretcher would have in that regard and, unfortunately, the device did work itself loose when things got moving along. In fact, I found that wearing it while walking eventually caused it to work loose, which has me searching for a smaller diameter version to wear when out and about. One sexy use has been to wear the stretcher while receiving oral sex from Eddy, as it gives her a nice "handle" to grab and stimulate.

Two weeks after beginning my adventure, I've now added about a half to three-quarters of an inch to my scrotum and am now considering moving up in weight, now that they've been sufficiently stretched to allow for the thicker metal. I don't think I'm ever going for the full 22 oz, but it is an intriguing possibility.

In summation, this is yet another boundary I've crossed and found to my liking (that I NEVER would've expected in a million years). Like cock rings, I find that the cock and ball stretcher has added a sexy dimension to my life and I will continue to experiment with different variations on this concept. Indeed, I've now done some research and found them to come in all sorts of materials and all manner of design, so I look forward to continuing this journey! Highly recommended.

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