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Hot Rawks Superfood Injected Aphrodisiac for Men and Women
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thermometer Works . Enough said. And it's organic!
Synopsis: An organic, raw blend of herbs that enhances libido and sexual performance in males and females, alike. Ingredients: Organic Raw Cacao, Organic Raw Maca, Organic Cayenne Powder, Organic Catuaba Bark, Organic Korean Ginseng, Organic Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed), and Organic Tribulus Terrestris.

Freddy and Eddy's Review: Never a couple to believe claims without trying a product first, we approached HotRawks with a jaded attitude as we would any supplement. In fact, our policy is to turn down most reviews of these types of products as they are usually unreliable, quick to be pulled from the market due to patent infringement (usually for containing modified traces of Cialis or Viagra), wildly ineffective, or just plain copies of already established offerings found in any old health store under their real ingredient names for FAR less money.

HotRawks caught our attention due to two factors; first, it's the first sexual supplement we've seen that is comprised of 100% organic RAW ingredients and, second, we saw it on the shelf at our local Whole Foods, which lent it credibility. A third, though less important aspect was that HotRawks claimed to provide benefits for both men AND women. The usual approach of sex pills is to help men with blood flow so they can achieve harder, longer lasting erections. HotRawks, it can be noted, not only claimed to provide this benefit, but within the scope of overall increasing of sexual libido - period. At almost forty bucks a bottle, it certainly isn't cheap, but at two capsules daily it only worked out to approximately $1.25 per dosage over a 30 day period. For those unfamiliar with "raw," it simply means none of the ingredients has been heated in excess of 105 degrees, theoretically keeping the nutrients from breaking down and losing potency. Hence, HotRawks is vegan approved as well.

Being the intrepid reviewers we are, we both started with our own bottle, each taking the recommended dosage daily for about a week of abstaining from sex due to Auntie Flow's monthly visit. Once our crimson relative had departed, we then resumed our normal activity and reported our findings once free of the sex high we usually get post interlude. Whoa! While HotRawks did indeed push the erection performance to Viagra-like firmness, it was the female reaction that sold us. Eddy's libido rose significantly and the orgasms were definitely more intense on both sides. In fact, on three occasions over the course of a week we actually engaged in sexual intercourse three times in a 24 hour time frame! Obviously, we are horny by nature, regardless, but when we finished our 30 day cycles and went a month without taking HotRawks, our mutual desire definitely dropped to pre-HotRawks levels. Not a bad thing, mind you, but we definitely picked up the phone to get a couple more bottles. In fact, we halved the dosage and still gained a great deal of boost. The product simply works.

In summary, we loved the product and continue to take it as a nice enhancer to our already healthy libidos. As we approach our 50's, things physically change and we see this as a nice way to moderate that metamorphosis and HotRawks has yet to show any adverse side effects. We also had the pleasure of meeting the company founder and inventor of HotRawks - Julie Wilson - and she's as knowledge able as anyone we've come across in the industry over the last 10 years. Thumbs WAY up for HotRawks, it does indeed RAWK.

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