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Organic Aphrodisiac

$8.00 - $12.95 per dose

Eddy Freddy


Worked (for us, at least) every bit as good as pharmaceuticals and kept me "UP" for as long as I wished.

Synopsis: An herbal sexual enhancement product made from 10 Chinese herbs.

Freddy Says: I believe, from my experiences over the last five years of running this website, that for the most part, the sexual supplement industry is absolutely bogus. From "herbal Viagra" pills to ginseng cocktails and everything in-between, the promise of sexual promiscuity and performance improvement through wacky substances continues to baffle and amaze me. Whether the goal is to cure premature ejaculation (which is as easy as slowing down the thrusting, stupid!), or to get hard in the first place (improved immensely by improving your diet and regularly exercising), I'm always amazed by the hundreds of spam messages flooding my inbox promising to accomplish both these tasks - and then some. Sure, my experience with Tribulus yielded harder erections, but even that didn't make me perform any better. As with Viagra and Cialis, the ability to achieve and sustain a hard on has very little to do with making my wife happy.

Or so I thought until attending the 2006 AVN convention in Las Vegas. To say the experience is exhausting is obvious; walking the acres of porn laden aisles and adult products is tiring to be sure, but it's what happens after the doors close that truly tests one's endurance. For us, the 5pm show closing began another 10 hours of non-stop eating, partying, and scurrying around that didn't end until our man Dean (the owner of Sliquid lubes) was safely dropped off at his hotel at 3am. When we finally returned to our own room at the Imperial Palace (avoid this dump at all costs!), making love was about as likely as jogging naked down the empty Vegas Strip.

Earlier in the day, however, we stopped by a booth representing a product called Nasutra, the occupants of which we recognized from the Erotica LA show the previous June, where we had our own booth. Somewhat overshadowed by the giant platforms of porn stars surrounding them, they gamely passed out their literature and attempted to explain their product offering to anyone who'd listen. When we approached the owners, they vaguely recognized us from Erotica LA and asked if we'd tried the samples they'd been so kind to give us 7 months earlier. Somewhat embarrassed, we had to admit we hadn't so much as taken them out of our show bag and promised to try them immediately if they'd provide another sample. And, amazingly, they didn't hesitate to toss a package into my hand for later that evening.

Fast forward to LATE that evening (or early the next morning?) as we returned to our hotel room at 3:30am, beat and tired from too much drinking and dancing at the Wicked Pictures private party at the Hard Rock Hotel, capped off by a LONG drive to take Dean back to his hotel room on Boulder Hwy. Sleep was desperately needed (did I mention the all-night disco blasting outside our room the previous night?) and we were about to collapse into blissful slumber when...

An unmistakable bulge arose from under the sheet. A bulge that not only got steadily bigger, but was hard enough to push the heavy blanket covering us skyward like a circus tent arising from the dust. WE could scarcely believe our eyes and I 'fessed up that I'd swallowed my Nasutra sample just before taking Dean to his hotel about one hour before, just to see if anything would happen. As the directions stated, I drank a large glass of water and took both capsules on an empty stomach. My reasoning was that if Nasutra could give me a boner after almost 20 straight hours on my feet and tanked on margaritas, and then enable me to make love to my tired wife, it deserved a place not only among our top sex products, but an endorsement exceeding even the great chemical wonders of Viagra and Cialis. And as I laid there staring at my VERY hard cock standing ready to perform, I whispered a breath of thanks to those friendly folks at the Nasutra booth for granting me this opportunity. Short though our sexual interlude may have been, the fact it happened at all proved Nasutra to be a miraculous product.

So what the heck is Nasutra? Beats me. From their website, all I can decipher is that it's a blend of 10 Chinese herbs of some kind (the exact herbs are listed under their "FDA" link), purporting to be all natural and processed with ridiculously high standards that ensure quality and safety. They also guarantee their product will work or your money back, but then again so does everyone else in this particular product niche. According to their representatives at AVN, the mixture acts upon the kidneys, which the Chinese believe to be the vehicles that regulate sexual energy of all the other organs of the body. Whatever all this means is a mystery to me, but they claim the product is not only safe, but Nasutra can be taken by men of any age to enhance their erections and has no side effects (such as those associated with Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis).

In my case, I did indeed experience the positive effects claimed and tried a second dose to be sure after returning home from the show two days later. Again, I achieved an erection like a steel pole that held firm after a hugely satisfying oral session from my wife and subsequent intercourse for the better part of 45 minutes afterward. The product worked so well, actually, that I felt I could've easily gotten "up" again just a half hour later and considered waking my sleeping beauty to give her another poke.

In summation, I still can't believe the astounding results I got after ingesting this product. Still dubious, I plan to acquire a few more doses to test Nasutra more extensively, such as attempting to have sex as many times as possible within its 24 hour cycle of effectiveness, as well as timing exactly how long I can stay erect with and without it. I also will be giving a dose or two to my best friend Sheldon, who is almost 80 years old, to see what results he might report. I'm a tad put off by the high price as well, but Nasutra is not much more than Viagra and Cialis and I certainly feel more comfortable dropping a Nasutra tablet down my throat than one of those chemicals. All things considered, however, I can't rave enough about Nasutra and will definitely be keeping a few doses close at hand.

Interested in purchasing or learning more about Nasutra? Click here or on the links above to visit their website.

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