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N/A Holy shit - this thing really works!

Synopsis: A masturbation device powered by your car's cigarette lighter.

Our Review: Gentlemen, start your engines. You have a new travel companion called the Auto Suck. It will keep you awake, it will keep you entertained, and it won’t talk your ear off. If roadside assistance is what you need, help has arrived. Why stop at the next service plaza when you can be serviced right in the comfort of your vehicle?

This little contraption looks like a small car vac with a plastic elbow supporting a pair of lips ample enough to take in your…uh…stick. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter or power supply and you are ready to get low jacked.

I took the Auto Suck for a test drive and found that it handles quite well. I applied lubrication to the mouth of the unit (a little lubrication goes a long way), put one hand at 10 and the other on 8 ½ and I was ready to go. The Auto Suck stimulates the head of the penis and gives a terrific and attentive blow job. I found that the device could easily be controlled with only one hand; and they say talking on a cell phone in your car is dangerous.

Got a gas hog? No problem. This little knob gobbler gets the job done and is very satisfying. You don’t have to take a day trip to get your rocks off with this toy; you can get off at the next exit.

It’s important to note that the Auto Suck doesn’t swallow. Without proper planning, things could get a little messy; you’ll want to be sure that you have some wipes handy. Clean up of the toy itself is simple enough. Just disconnect the elbow from the main unit and take it inside for a thorough but easy cleaning. And as a suggestion, a good radio station or your favorite CD will enhance your experience as the Auto Suck can be pretty noisy. If this is a distraction, simply turn up the music and enjoy the ride.

Value priced at $38 the Auto Suck is worth every penny. It’s perfect for road trips, camping, trucking, a limo ride, or just a quick lunch hour spent in the car. The power cord is easily long enough to reach just about anywhere in the vehicle, including the back seat. No emergency kit should be without it.

I give the Auto Suck an “AAA”; I just can’t wait to get on the road again…


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