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Tiny Nibbles
We've always known that we're amateurs when it comes to this adult web stuff, always deferring to the veterans (like Jane Duvall at Jane's Guide, Jenn Ramsey at Hidden Self, Tristan at Puckerup, and Jenne at Clitical) when we need information or experiences outside our boundaries. Of course, the fact that finding mainly women who actually have productive and interesting things to say about sexuality has not been lost on either of us, with even my husband lamenting the lack of male voices beyond those of therapists and self-help writers. And so it was no surprise that we stumbled upon yet another "working girl" pushing the limits and bringing yet another twist to the sex lives of Freddy and Eddy - Violet Blue.

First, this Violet Blue is not to be confused with the porn actress (whom we happen to actually know personally) by the same name. This Violet Blue writes, edits, and reviews for the popular Good Vibrations company and has been interviewed and quoted extensively in publications ranging from Cosmo to Men's Health to Penthouse. She's also done radio, television, and has several columns to her credit. Interestingly, her main hobby is building destructive robots and conducting dangerous robotic shows, which we actually might've seen back in our techno clubbing days many years ago.

Second, this Violet Blue produces a fantastic website that we luckily stumbled upon after lamenting that we wouldn't have any good quality sites to include in our latest monthly update. Thankfully, Tiny Nibbles not only proved fun, but quite informative as well, with a very well written treatise on fellatio and cunnilingus. And though we might disagree with some of her video favorites, this is a matter of personal taste, which we profess to lack when it comes to our porn.

Finally, we have to plug her two fabulous collections of erotica, Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies for Couples, and its sequel, Sweet Life 2..., which demonstrated the written word can be every bit as stimulating as watching Jenna Jameson and Rocco Sifreddi (perhaps more so) pound each other on video.

A fabulous lady with a great mission, we tip our hats to the luminous Blue and suggest you visit her site RIGHT NOW!


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