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Our Top 11 Favorite Vibrators
1. The Eroscillator 2-plus & Eroscillator Top Deluxe
2. The Patchy Paul G3 G-Spot Vibe
3. The Leaf Vitality Vibrator
4. OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH
5. The We Vibe Touch - New to Top Picks!
6. Tantus Little Secret
7. The Sqweel 2
8. Vibratex Thumbelina
9. The Fun Factory Layaspot Vibrator
10. Lelo Gigi Pleasure Object
Vibratex Mystic Wand

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Hustler Cat & Mouse in Your Fun House!
kim kardashian Don't let the cute nature of this device fool you; the Hustler Cat and Mouse is a powerful clitoral egg vibrator controlled by a scroll wheel that dials up the orgasms and lights up the bedroom!
To Learn More, Click here!
A Little (Tantus) Secret Worth Telling...
tantus stroker We're never shy about heaping praise on Tantus Silicone's sensational products. With top notch quality and manufacturing here at home, their latest entries into the discreet vibe arena deliver...
To learn more, click here!
Bliss Stick - Vibratex Mystic Wand
Vibratex Mystic Wand By far the most famous unintended clitoral stimulation device, the Hitachi Magic Wand has virtually no equal when it comes to coming. That is, until now. Vibratex takes a good tool and makes it sublime...
To learn more, click here.
Leaf Vitality, Green with Orgamic Envy!
Bottle Rocket One of the most exciting adult product lines to "come" along in years, the Leaf vibrators offer eco friendliness with incredible stimulation. The Vitality packs two motors into one powerhouse vibe!
To read our review, click here!
Orgasmic Kiss - Emotional Bliss
tantus stroker Leave it to the Europeans to invent a vibrator that breaks new ground. Meet the Emotional Bliss family of vibrators. Recharge able, powerful, and... hot? Yep, these babies actually heat up! We approve.
To learn more, click here.
Delicious - Fun Factory DeLight
Fun Factory Delight Fun Factory has become so proficient at raising the bar, we thought they couldn't possibly reach any higher. And yet, here is the Delight, a sexual product as lovely in form as in function...
To read our review, click here.
(i)Musical Passions - Naughtibod!
So what do you get when you combine technology, your favorite MP3 player, and a high quality silicone vibrator? Answer: orgasm, of course! Yet another great piece of innovation put to use...
To HEAR more, click here.
Product: Insert Here: WEEEE...Vibe!
We spotted this intriguing device sitting seductively behind glass and out of reach. Just a prototype at the time, the "buzz" it created carried forward and we drooled happily when it showed up. Hot or hype?
To learn the answer, click here.
Musical Orgasms - OhMiBod!
Logic dictated it would only be a matter of time before the world's most popular musical device would find its way into the sensual realm. And so it goes, with the perfect blending of aural pleasure.
To read our review, click here.
b-Orgasmic - bSwish!
bswish With silky finishes found on products costing three times the price, this new line of fun and sexy products caused our heads to turn and our bed sheets to beckon. Did they deliver the orgasms? Read on.
To read our review, click here.
G-Spot On... Lelo Gigi Pleasure Object
Another winner from Lelo, the Gigi packs all the features of their larger models into this ergonomically correct g-spot and clit stimulator. Multiple programming options ensure unlimited possibilities.
To read our review, click here.
Orgasm Chasm - G-Gasm!
Sometimes the most basic toys can achieve the most complicated results. Take female ejaculation, for example, while some products look like they came from the space station, others just do the job right.
To read our review, click here.
She's Freeeee - Free-STYLIN'!
Add some bump to your grind with this amazing wireless vibrator that shimmies to your shake! Just turn it on, add your favorite music or ambient sounds, and rock your way to orgasmic satisfaction!
Read Eddy's full review here.
Under My "Thumbelina" G-spot Vibe
The sheets were a mess after a test drive with this fantastic little device. Sized just right for Eddy and with enough power to overwhelm her clit with stimulation, the Thumbelina is a Vibratex tour-de-force.
To read our review, click here.
Rockin' Her World - Rock Chick!
With a unique shape designed for both G-spot AND clitoral stimulation, this product manages to produce earth shaking clitoral orgasms and even the occasional gusher or two! Did Eddy reach a crescendo?
To learn more, click here.
Worming Into Your Heart - Little Paul
One of our favorite vibes over the last four years has been the Worm/Paulchen, from Fun Factory. Now, they've brought out a mini version of this best seller and we are happy to report its success.
To read our review, click here.
Creating a Buzz - The Cone Vibrator
Seeing this product for the first time at a trade show, we were totally intrigued and just HAD to find out more. What is it? How does it work? Who makes it? A few months later, our questions are finally answered.
To find out more, click here.
Orgasmic Addiction - Vibratex Rabbit Habit
With an upgrade to new materials, an improved motor, and even a change in color, this mainstay in vibrator perfection couldn't have "come" at a better time. Find out why this one scores highly...
To find out more, click here.
Real Deal - Clone A Willy!
What happens when you take Freddy's cock, stick it in a tube of gooey stuff, and pour liquid latex into the resulting mold? A perfect replica! But did it "measure up" to Eddy's expectations?
To read more, click here.
Lelo Iris - A GUSHER of Praise!
A new vibrator is always cause for celebration - especially when it comes from Swedish toy maker extraordinaire Lelo. The Iris is their first penetration product and produced stunning results.
To find out more, click here.
Dial Me Up - Wrist to Finger Vibe!
Some products are just TOO good to resist. The Wrist to Finger Vibe straps to your finger, transferring vibrations from knuckle to tip, resulting in natural stimulation of the most intense kind.
To read our review, click here.
Tentacled Pleasure - Screaming Octopus
Eddy fell head over heels for this cute little sea creature at AVN Las Vegas. A tiny submersible vibe wrapped in a rubber gel skin, this tiny toy provides just the right amount of stimulation for any bath.
To learn more, click here.
Vibration Sensation - Ono Cleo!
With its unique suction base, programmable power levels, and perfect shape, the Cleo is as versatile as it is beautiful. Waterproof and recharge able, spice up your bed, bath, and beyond!
To read our review, click here!
Protouch or NO Touch! Tantus Protouch
Why do we love Ang and Ranger? Because they're one of the best things to happen to Freddy and Eddy since we began, that's why! Another expert product review from our intrepid sex critics!
For our review, click here.
Remote Control Buzz - Club Vibe 2.OH
It's been awhile since we've played with remote control sex products. Most often, they disappoint; however, innovator OhMiBod has refreshed the concept with the Club Vibe 2.OH and scored a direct HIT!
To read the review, click here.
Penetration Sensation - Fun Factory elLove
We welcome our newest reviewer KT, a lady whose vibrator acumen and adventurousness is sure to help guide us to greater pleasures. She makes her debut with this Fun Factory classic refreshed.
To read KT's review, click here.
A (Vibratex) Starburst with Extra Flavor!
wrist to finger vibe It's difficult to make us look past our venerable Pocket Rocket, especially given the fact it was our very first sex toy; there's always room for improvement though; will this be the vibe to turn our heads?
To read our review, click here!
Smallest Wonders - Lily Pleasure Object
When our friends at Wild in Secret handed us a lovely gift box over sushi, we had no idea it contained one of the most amazing sex toys we've ever encountered. Suddenly, excuses to leave were priority!
For more info click here.
Sweet Vibrations - Jaz and Josie!
Looking for a few good orgasms but don't want to break the bank? These two new vibes from Blissful Touch will inspire your privates to orgasmic attention, while keeping your wallet similarly satisfied!
To learn more, click here!
Buzzing Bliss - Screaming O Cock Ring
At this year's Erotica LA Show, we again had a booth and got to meet and greet many great people and see lots of cool stuff. Right next to us sat these guys, selling a cool little cock ring to relieve our stress.
For our review, click here.
The Right Spots - Layaspot by Fun Factory
The best compact vibe we've tried yet - period. Fun Factory scores another winner with this technological marvel that renders everything else we've reviewed before it mere "toys."
For more info click here.
Sqweel of Fortune - A Rotating Review!
sqweel vibrator If you think your oral skills are up to par, you may want to take a refresher course This little device aims to put YOUR tongue out of business! Sqweel takes a turn for the better of clitorises everywhere.
To learn more, click here.
Smallest Wonder - Nea Pleasure Object
With wonderful vibrating objects such as the Lily and Ida, this Swedish company now brings a less expensive model to tickle those clits without straining your monetary digits.
To read our Nea review, click here.
Hide & Peak - Natural Contours Magnifique
We've come to expect great things from Natural Contours sex toys (the Ultime and Jolie vibes being great performers), so when we passed this one on to Ang and Ranger it was no surprise they'd love it...
For the full review, click here.
Sexy Sipping - CyberSilicone Hot Handle
Sometimes the most simple devices provide the most complex pleasures. This amazing little device put Eddy in so much bliss that I awoke from a deep sleep to assist in the fun.
For more info click here.
A (We Vibe) Touch of Orgasmic Class
The perfect vibe? Quite possibly. The We Vibe Touch brings elegance, versatility, form, and function together in a simple, powerful package that dazzled. A great tool for couples, we are hooked!
To read our review, click here!
Lick Her? - Cyber Flicker!
Her orgasm will be EGGS-tra special with this wonderful egg vibe with a little extra! The Cyber Flicker is made from soft silicone, features easy to use controls, and provides power to reach your full climax...
To read our review, click here.
Invisible Companion - Visible Delights!
We keep thinking that vibrating cock rings can't get any better - and then they DO! One of the smallest rings we've yet to try, this one features a powerful bullet vibe and fun clit tickler.
For more info click here.
The Worm Turns - Patchy Paul G3 Vibe!
Our favorite penetration vibrator - period. This waterproof wonder from Fun Factory packs power and great design into a high quality sex toy that hits all the right spots and loves the shower as well.
To find out more, click here.
The King of Orgasms - Eroscillator!
The best vibrator ever made and the source of Eddy's first "Big O." This is no toy, but a solidly built piece of machinery that will push you beyond any limits you ever thought possible. A must have.
To find out more, click here.
Suspicious Delicious - The Tonge Vibe
Rarely has so much fun been packed into such a small package. This offering not only comes with TWO vibes, but enough power and versatility to tickle your intended clitoris for hours of delight.
To learn more, click here.
Being Orgasmic - Fun Factory Bi-MiNi Vibe
fun factory bimini vibrator It seems to be a Fun Factory summer around the Freddy and Eddy household. Our favorite sex product maker has filled our house with orgasm inducing toys and other delights to turn warm nights HOT.
To read our review, click here.
Super Orgas-HIM - Cobra Libre!
kim kardashian If you're a male and you've ever been curious about what a clitoral orgasm feels like, try this revolutionary stimulator and wonder no more. Just insert the top portion of your member and blast off!
To Learn More, Click here!
Aaah-bracadabra - Mini Magic Vibrator!
kim kardashian Have your excitement always within reach with this ingenius little orgasm inducer! The Mini Magic recharges with any USB port and works with most cell phone chargers, too. A true pocket pleasure pal!
To Learn More, Click here!
Luscious Orgasms - Lelo Ina
lelo ina We are huge fans of Swedish sex toy maker Lelo, yet we were skeptical their first rabbit vibe could compete with the literally thousands of iterations already on the market. Could Lelo rock our world again?
To Read Our Review, Click here!
Tickle Me Zany - Pocket Toyfriend!
kim kardashian Do little things really come in small packages? This powerful little vibrator is not only waterproof, but packs a punch that will leave its recipient breathless. Could Eddy have found her new bestie?
To read our review - click here!
Big O Blast Off - Bottle Rockets!
What should one expect in a compact vibrator? Power, versatility, attractiveness, and value. The Bottle Rockets from Evolved Novelties deliver all four and the lovely packaging seals the deal!
To learn more, click here.
It Only Takes One - To Fun Factory Tango!
fun factory tango Slip this smooth and silky shaft into your love zone and dial up the pleasure! The Fun Factory Tango is waterproof, powerful, and multi purpose. Use as a standard rabbit vibe or flip it for anal yumminess.
To lean more, click here.
Old Faithful: Pocket Rocket
This is an old favorite that is still running strong after almost 10 years! Eddy's first vibe still provides plenty of punch, while the quality and stamina of the product continues to amaze...
To find out more, click here.
Sexual Hocus Pocus - Hitachi Magic Wand
True story; we've been using one of these for years to massage our backs and shoulders, never knowing it's true identity as the most popular women's sex toy of all time! Now we know why.
For our review, click here.
Fantastic Finger - Fukuoku 9000
We've owned Japanese cars for years, but to see that amazing engineering translate to our bedroom was just too much! This amazing little vibe will astound you with it's versatility and power!
To read our review, click here.
Orgasm Applicator - Screaming O Mascara
A shockingly versatile and powerful vibe, the Screaming O Studio Mascara will have you reaching into your purse for more than a touch up on your eyelashes. This device is ready to makeup some sexy fun!
To read the review, click here.
Music to the Clit - Deluxe Techno Lover
A top-ten favorite, this squishy toy combines the utility of a stretchy cock ring with the fun of a clitoral vibe. With each thrust, moderate vibrations will tingle her clitoris and enhance your fun.
To read the review, click here.
The "Ultime-ate" - Natural Contours Ultime
Freddy was certainly surprised when, on a candlelit couch, I placed this sexy vibe into his hand and leaned back ready to let him explore. This sexy vibe hits all the right spots and is a great solo performer.
To find out more, click here.
Lord of the (Cock) Rings - LUX LX4-Plus!
Add a jolt of power and elegance to your package with this tantalizing pleasure ring. Built for a lifetime of orgasmic service, the Lux LX4-Plus features multi-speed control and recharge able operation!
To read our review, click here!
Compact - Lipstick Vibe
This lip licking device fits discreetly in any pocketbook, ready to deliver waves of pleasure at a moment's notice. Powerful, quiet, and lovely, you'll want to pleasure your lips and more, anywhere, anytime...
To read the review, click here.
Nubby Nirvana - Vibratex Quiver
Always huge fans of Vibratex products (check out the Charmer and Queen reviews to see why), we could not wait to try this sultry multi-function vibe with its inviting (and rotating) head.
To find out more, click here.
Float Your Boat - Mary Mermaid
She twists, shakes, and vibrates! This multi-speed, multi-angle vibrator from Fun Factory will penetrate your deepest inner regions and stimulate your clit with wonderful and adjustable vibrations.
To read the review, click here.
Clitoral Quack Quack - I Rub My Duckie
The best "bath buddy" you'll ever meet! This powerful vibrating ducky will massage your entire body with its powerful motor and waterproof design, making every sudsy adventure a sexual indulgence.
For more info click here.
This Rabbit is Looking for a New Home...
These sexy new vibrators from Doc Johnson deliver state-of-the-art advanced controls for unmatched versatility and virtually unlimited possibilities. And they're great LOOKING, too!
To find out more, click here.
Ang's New Pal - Jolie Waterproof Vibe
We didn't think anything existed that could top our Pocket Rocket for clitoral fun, but along came this little doozy to send our intrepid Ang and Ranger into orgasmic ecstasy. Ours is now on the way!
To Learn More, click here.
Supersize HER! Goliath Silicone Dildo/Vibe
Tantus has always been known for their extremely high quality silicone toys; and nowhere is this more apparent than this behemoth of form and function. When only massive will do, Goliath awaits...
For more info click here.
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