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The Masseuse

Starring: Jenna Jameson, Wendy Divine, Savanna Sampson, Evan Stone, Dean Nash, Mark Haggard, Shylar Cobi
Eddy Freddy


For once, the story measures up to the scintillating action! Great title for porn novices.
Jenna Jameson Savannah Sampson Wendy Divine Evan Stone Dean Nash Mark Haggard Shylar Cobi

Synopsis: A lonely man falls in love with his masseuse.

Our Review: The Masseuse is the kind of movie I’ve been waiting for Jenna Jameson to make ever since she started Club Jenna. It reminds one of her old days as both a Vivid and Wicked girl, when the storyline of the movie was just as important as the sexual action. More importantly, The Masseuse is easily the best couples-themed movie to come from Club Jenna – one which males should have no embarrassment about sharing with their significant other.

The Masseuse is director Paul Thomas’ remake of a title he did back in 1990 that starred Hyapatia Lee and Randy Spears. The story is about a lonely man (now played by Justin Sterling) and the masseuse (Jenna Jameson) he goes to see, and slowly falls in love with. For comparison purposes, Vivid has included a bonus DVD featuring the original movie – a nice touch for fans. The most noticeable difference between this film and the earlier version is that Justin’s character is creepier than the loner that Randy played in the original.

There’s a lot of storyline here, with each scene building on the previous one (much like the original) – so those looking for standard sexual action at regular intervals may be a little put off by the way the film develops. Those who won’t be turned off are the fans of adult features who like to see the sexual situations actually have something to do with the plot...the “romance” between Jenna and Justin in this movie is an ongoing one, and their relationship builds as the film progresses.

Jim Mitchell (Justin Sterling) is a quiet guy who spends his days at a dead-end, low-paying job and spends a lot of time browsing the Net looking at pictures of babes in bondage. His coworker Amy (Wendy Divine) has the hots for him, but for some reason or another, Jim isn’t interested in her. Instead, he begins to spend his evenings and days off at a local massage parlor, where a masseuse named Barbara (Jenna Jameson) works.

During their first session, Justin offers Jenna some extra money to give him a handjob. The next time he goes back, he gives her $100 for a blowjob. Eventually, he convinces Jenna to start seeing him at his own place, where their first encounter is one that involves some bondage in a shed in which Jim keeps all his B&D gear.

Whether it’s feelings of love or just pity, Jenna’s character does become somewhat attached to Justin, although she tries to keep him out of her personal life. One evening, Jim is forced to watch as Jenna makes out with Savanna Samson in front of him. Strap-on fans should be please with this lesbian encounter as Jenna wears one during the first half of the scene and gives it to Savanna; and then Savanna returns the favor in the segment’s second half.

The final scene in the movie is a full-blown sex scene between Jenna and Justin – which really pays off for viewers because the whole film has been building up to it. The ending to the film is also a bit ambivalent, since we don’t know whether to be glad Jenna doesn’t end up with Justin (since his character may be a psycho) or upset about it (maybe he’s just deeply in love).

Vivid always seems to go the extra mile with bonus features, and this release is no exception. Instead of giving us scenes from other Jenna titles as bonuses, instead we get two deleted sex scenes from the movie – one with Mandy Bright and Frank Gunn; and the other with Rachel Rotten and Rob Rotten. There’s also a Jenna solo-scene; the scene between Jenna and Sunrise Adams from Where The Boys Aren’t 16, Bloopers & Outtakes; a 16-minute Behind The Scenes featurette; Slide Shows; Trailers; and Multiple Angles for the sex scenes within the film.

Also included is a feature-length Commentary Track with Jenna Jameson and Justin Sterling that proves to be an enjoyable listen and gives more info on the film and its characters. The only slight downside to the movie is the fact that Paul Thomas chose to shoot this movie on film, and the grade of stock used doesn’t look very good – a lot of grain is evident in the final print of the film.

The new version of The Masseuse reminds me of the way they used to make adult films back in the 70s and early 80s – when the acting and plot were as important as the sex that was being shot. If you’re a fan of those types of titles, or part of a couple who is turned-off by most of what passes as an “adult feature” these days, give The Masseuse a look – you’ll be glad you did!

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