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Xana & Dax
$24.95 Comstock Films
Eddy Freddy


Another winner from Comstock films.

Synopsis: A lovely couple and their sexual feelings are captured on film.

Eddy Says: Comstock Films has come out with another winner with their newest film,  Xana and Dax  When Opposites Attract.  Xana and Dax are one the most beautiful couples I've ever seen. In fact, the first time I viewed it with Freddy (as part of a duo of titles we were reviewing), I had sort of a breakthrough, sexually, as I became so turned on that Freddy practically inserted his entire hand into me and I (normally size-averse) practically clawed our couch into tatters. But that's another story for another time.

As for the film, it starts out with Xana and Dax - the two main characters - interviewing together.  As they talk about how they met, how their relationship started and how they show each other their love through their sexuality, there are clips of them making love interspersed throughout their interview.  This causes the film to create a build up of anticipation to see Xana and Dax show their love to one another.  It lets the viewer look on as if being a voyeur and, as with Comstock's other title, Marie and Jack, this film is in no hurry to get to the payoff. Instead, it lingers over every inch of its couple, whether seductively following Dax's hands on their journey over Dax's lean body, or focusing on a languid kiss (sheesh, I think I'm getting wet just writing this!).

What I love most about this film is that the directors - Mr.  & Mrs. Comstock - captured the true essence of the love between these two particular people.  The couple are almost giddy when they talk about how they first met.  They almost glow with adoration for one another. Xana is a tall blonde from the Midwest who is bursting with lust, while Dax is a handsome Brazilian man who is lean, gaunt, and youthful.  They describe themselves as opposites, yet they are one with each other when it comes to living their lives to the fullest. 

I see Xana as the educator in their relationship, while Dax is the student.  She leads and he follows.  They move in such a steady rhythm with little nuances between them that makes their sensuality authentic and seductive.  While you watch them making love, I couldn't help but feel the electricity that runs between them. The film was a complete joy to watch.  It showed how friendship and appreciation for one another is so important within a relationship.  It was loving, sexy and just plain HOT!

Watching a couple like Xana and Dax really gets me HOT for Freddy and I highly recommend it for all couples.

Freddy say: I'm a huge fan of people who take chances. In my mind, there's a reason most porn follows the same formula and that most porn stars look like they do; that is, they are being made for a target audience of mostly males BY mostly males and the results are predictable and tedious. Even so-called "couples" oriented titles from the larger companies are usually nothing more than dressed up versions of their usual fare, with lame plots badly acted by porn stars who couldn't make their high school plays back in the day. Now, after watching well over 1500 adult films, we almost groan when another box of them arrives for review.

Tony Comstock (who goes by "TC" in our message boards) is definitely on to something with his attempts to depart from this depressingly mundane situation. His first title, though it did contain a very well-known porn star, was still worlds better than 99% of the schlock produced in the last 20 years and so we greatly anticipated his next offering. We weren't disappointed; "Xana and Dax" shows an even greater confidence in just about all respects, as TC matures and improves his camera work and tightens his editing.

As for the couple who star in this effort, I found them both to be sexy (even it tattoos aren't really my "thing") and interesting in that the female, for once, is the main force driving their sexual explorations. I was titillated by the fact that Dax (the male) was seduced by this older woman and it played to some of my own fantasies about such a situation. If I have any complaint, it's that I wished the title was longer and had another two or three couples (maybe of different races?). At some point, however, I'm sure TC will put this together as he gets more footage "in the can," as it were.

In summary, we recommend this title highly. Not just because it'll make for a very sexy evening with you and your partner, but because it's important to support projects like these and the people who make them. Until we show with our dollars that these are the kinds of films we want to watch, the industry as a whole will not change and the production of lousy fare will continue.

If you're interested in knowing more or to purchase this title, please visit our online store or visit Tony Comstock's fine website by clicking here.

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