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Not Three's Company XXX
Hustler $24.95
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Penny Flame, Brynn Tyler, Van Damage, Sienna West, Tommy Gunn, Nina Hartley, Madison Scott, Allyssa Hall, Roxy Jezel, Ron Jeremy
Eddy Freddy


Hustler's best parody yet. Brynn Tyler is pitch perfect as Chrissy and Penny Flame delivers as always!
Penny Flame Brynn Tyler Van Damage Sienna West Tommy Gunn Nina Hartley   Madison Scott

Synopsis: When Jack loses his restaurant job the kids can’t afford rent so Chrissy picks up a night job leading Janet, Jack & the Ropers to think she’s become a hooker.  Crazy, hilarious & dirty situations result in non-stop sucking & fucking as gorgeous tits, ass & pussy abound in this hardcore spoof of the classic ‘70s TV show.

Our Review: Finding couples-appropriate porn isn't as easy as you'd think. Many companies, though earnest in their attempts to reach our demographic, often fail to deliver due to too many factors to delve into here. We'll simply say that their task is difficult, most obviously because trying to appeal to both women AND men, who interpret what's on screen in vastly different ways, is almost impossible to achive. In our case, we usually have to sift through dozens - if not hundreds - of titles before we come upon one that we both like.

Luckily for us, Hustler (and Xplay) has spawned a niche that seems to work quite well from both our perspectives. That is to say the relatively new phenomenon of XXX television show parodies, which now include sexy spoofs on "The Munsters, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family," and even "Bewitched." Their latest, "Not Three's Company XXX," ups the ante for the entire genre, with smart writing, dead-on character choices, and (oh, yes) hot sex scenes. This title was so good, in fact, we were actually sorry to see it end and we're greatly anticipating a follow-up, provided Hustler can get the same cast to return.

Key to the Three's Company "sitcum," first and foremost, is its very able cast. Penny Flame, who always seems on her A-game, shines as Janet, while Brynn Tyler absolutely nails Chrissy. Van Damage ably channels John Ritter, while Tommy Gunn adds just the right hint of smarminess to the always scheming Larry. Everyone else, from Nina Hartley's suprise appearance as Mrs. Roper, to Sienna West's luscious rendering of Lana is pitch perfect.

As for the sex, any scene containing Brynn Tyler (there are two) got us quite hot and bothered, while Penny Flame turned her lesbian encounter into 15 minutes of strapon sizzle. We particularly loved Chrissy's little sister (Roxy Jezel) showing up to service Jack, with Mr. Furley making an appearance with a prostitute to round things out. Tommy Gunn's Larry pairs with Sienna West's Lana to add yet more spice to the hijinks. We won't go into the plot, but will divulge that it's VERY much in keeping with the original series' tendencies to elevate miscommunications.

In summary, we loved this title, and it's been a long time since we could say this about a video not containing pirates.

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