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NinnWorx $29.95

Audrey Hollander, Niki Blond, Victoria Swinger, Justine Joli, Valentina Velasquez, Adriana Rouso, Mike Foster, Otto Bauer, Bruno Sx
Eddy Freddy


We squirmed plenty - even more than when we watched Fashionistas - but in the end we attacked each other and tore the bedroom apart.
Audrey Hollander Niki Blond Victoria Swinger Justine Jolie Adriana  Rouso Otto Bauer   Mike Foster

Synopsis: A woman travels through a surreal series of sexual encounters.

Our Review: This is one of those reviews that's very hard to write. On the one hand, this title is one of the slickest, most visually striking title we've ever laid eyes upon; on the other it's a work from which we advise 99% of ALL of you to steer clear. It's sex of the harshest variety, with anal penetration of one various sort or another in every scene, spitting, beating, dp, fisting, and just about every other variety of sexual deviancy Director Michael Ninn's mind can dream up. It was enough make us cringe through virtually each and every frame, sometimes pausing to catch our collective breaths as it inched along through it's 2-plus hours running time. By the time we finished "Catherine," we were exhausted and amazed to have found a film that makes "Fashionistas" look like a Candida Royale effort.

The perplexing fact that we endured this sexual assault on our senses and then proceeded to fuck each other's brains out only made our dilemma more difficult; that is, how could we possibly recommend something so bizarre and (for lack of a better term) hardcore that simultaneously repulsed and titillated our libidos. Surely, most couples who occupy our Bible belt demographic would find such a film sickening at best, on the phone to their local watchdog group and congressman at worst, torches carried down the street to Director Ninn's house for a good old-fashioned burning at the stake. Incidentally, we happened to meet the two leads in person at the 2006 AVN Show in Las Vegas (see picture at right as proof), who are an actual couple who've been together for years, and they vouch for their mutual enjoyment of every minute on screen.

Yes, readers, this is one challenging bit of celluloid. That said, we'll take liberties with the words of a fellow adult DVD reviewer to summarize the plot and action of Catherine thus:

From Roger T. Pipe, at IAFD - Audrey Hollander and Otto Bauer play the leads in this epic. As the movie opens with Catherine on snow covered steps being chastised by Otto. His accusations have to do with her wicked fantasies and she does nothing at all to dissuade him. She spreads her legs and gets her fingers working between her pale thighs. Her tight little ass takes four fingers as he really works her over. She wraps her bright red lips around his cock and even the glossy look and echo-chamber sound can’t slow down the rough throat fucking he gives her. The brutality is well covered, but we don’t really get a chance to see how beautiful Audrey is and how well she can suck cock. Moving quickly to anal, Otto bends her over and takes control of that ass. (Though come on, after four fingers his dick isn’t exactly going to do a lot of damage.) He finishes her off with a hot on the face.

Images bombard us for several minutes as present-day Audrey is haunted by visions from the past. She and Otto watch as Bruno Sx punishes a “whore” played by Valentina Velasques. He spits on her pussy and slaps her thighs. With Audrey there to help, they force her head down around his cock. The brutality leads into a hard sex scene that is beautifully shot. We have become somewhat accustomed to this odd mix of nasty action with exceptional quality thanks to Ninn’s recent work, but it is still a rare experience. The RCA is outstanding and the more he slaps her clit, the harder Valentina fucks him back. There is some really good anal action here as Valentina gets what she “deserves” right up to a big shot on her face.

Audrey’s odd odyssey continues as she teams with Nikki Blonde and Adriana Rouso for a really outstanding three-way. The girls play with each other, but break out a big black strap on when Audrey gets pulled into the mix. They fuck her tight ass with long hard strokes. In a movie this good I am shocked to find that I really just want the lesbian action to continue.

As the dreams (or fantasies) continue things get lighter. Beautiful Victoria Swinger lifts her heavy dress and gives Mike Foster access to what she has hidden underneath. There is some beautifully lit footage as she works her pretty lips up and down his hard cock. The sex here is not as rough as most of what we have seen so far, but it isn’t soft either. It’s a solid scene with some great cowgirl as she bounces to take every inch of his dick. I love the way this scene looks and the mix between eye candy and heat is perfect.

The climactic scene features Otto punishing Audrey for her sins. He brings in Bruno and Mike to do the deed. They give her some very rough oral sex, shoving her head back and forth and trying to split her head open with their hard rods. Moving right from blowjobs to DP, they slam her as hard as they can while Otto hovers around berating her verbally. The creepy factor is so high that it almost distracts us from the great action. With three guys now around her Audrey gets plugged n every hole, double stuffed in the ass and finally covered in hot sticky cream.

To be sure, Mr. Pipe uses more colorful descriptions than we might choose, but the essence is unmistakably there; "Catherine" is composed of exactly the kind of action he details. And, as we've stated previously, you'd be wise to stay away from this title if any or all of these elements might turn your romantic evening into a lifetime of celibacy or have your partner on the phone to his/her lawyer with your perverted evening as evidence in your divorce proceedings. In our case, we did have a difficult time digesting all 120 minutes, but we were definitely both riveted to the action and turned on beyond belief when the credits rolled.

In summation, we decided to carry this title in our online store despite the fact we DISCOURAGE anyone short of porn watching addicts (or twisted couples determined to push some boundaries) from buying or renting this title. You have been warned! If, however, you're looking for something beyond the ordinary and do not mind some disturbing elements with your porn, look no further than this landmark title.


To purchase "Catherine," click here or on the links above.
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